Privatization of Railways Protested on Rails

📩 30/11/2018 18:23

Privatization of Railroads Protested on Rails: Applications of privatization of railways Protected on rails at the Elazığ Train Station, where members of the United Transport Workers Union came from Vanda.

Vandan 17 A group of 50 people who came to Elazığ Train Station in November and protested on the rails. AKP to be surprised, patience to overflow, the railway can not be sold to the public, Hooray BTS, Hooray KESK, the future will turn to the next day, the AKP will account for the public shouting slogans to the Elazığ Railway Station walked.

Stating that their march will end with a sit-in in front of the Ankara TCDD General Directorate on November 24, the General Financial Secretary of the United Transport Workers Union, Erdal Uysal, said, “Today, we railroaders, once again hit the road. Balikesir, Istanbul HalkalıOur march, which started from the stations of Van, Antep and Zonguldak, will end in Ankara on November 24 in front of TCDD General Directorate. "It is the unjust practices of AKP and AKP bureaucrats in the railways, who have taken us on the road, whose name is Justice, but exhibit the opposite of this word."

Explaining that they will continue their march with Malatya, Sivas, Kayseri, Yozgat Yerköy tomorrow, they will be in Ankara on the evening of 23 November and they will take a sit-in action after making a press statement in front of TCDD General Directorate on the morning of 24 November, Uysal said, “As in previous years, the AKP It also aims to put it on the back of the people. "The upcoming period will be even more troublesome in many aspects, for the railway drivers, there will be many problems related to working conditions and their acquired rights will be damaged"

The protesters then left for Malatya.

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