Court mechanics in Germany found legal

In Germany, the court found the machinists legal: the Frankfurt Labor Court rejected the request for the cancellation of the strike initiated by the railway machinists by the German Railway Operator.

The labor court ruled that the German Train Machinists' Union (GDL )'s step was legal, after the mediation attempt could not be concluded, and decided to continue the strike temporarily.

GDL union chief Claus Weselsky welcomed the decision, while the German Railways (DB) announced that the decision would be filed with the State Labor Court. Ulrich Weber, member of the Board of Directors of DB's Staff, told ARD television that we could not take any significant steps despite weeks of negotiations. Demands in collective bargaining in the world are not fulfilled one hundred percent, arguing that the two sides should seek compromise.

The longest strike in the history of the German railways Deutsche Bahn paralyzed public transport in the country. Infratest dimap research institute ARD-Deutschland Trend polls show that citizens' support for GDL's drop-out actions is diminishing. Four weeks ago, while the percentage of those who understood the strike of the machinists was 54, this week's survey declined to 46.

Experts in the 2007 surveys, the percentage of those who understand the strike of the machinist in the 75'lerle percent, the support for the action of the last surveys said that the decrease in the action. In addition, surveys of the Federal Government 'one company only union' plan was observed to increase support. Citizens' single-company single-union 'support for the implementation of 7 points increased by increasing 45' reportedly.

The Social Democrat Party (SPD) Federal Labor Minister Andrea Nahles's draft law aims to ensure that if a large number of trade unions cannot agree on collective bargaining, the trade union with the highest number of members is accepted and the others agree to the agreement of the largest union.

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