Cıbıltepe Ski Center turned white

Cibiltepe Ski Center took on white: Turkey "2 of the important winter tourism centers of the 634 thousand Cibiltepe altitude ski resort, took on white.

After two days of rainfall and rain forests located between the forest 2. 4 centimeters measured snow thickness on stepways.

Sacit Özbey, General Manager of KAR-SAR-TUR, in charge of mechanical installations and runways, told AA correspondent that the filling, maintenance and leveling works on the runways for about 3 months have been completed and that all conditions for skiing have been prepared in the best way.

Özbey stated that the snow thickness of the second stage runways was measured in 4 centimeters. Sant This is the first snow of the season. The snow is very important for us to create lower ground. We have already done a great deal of work on the runways with the district governorships, the Provincial Special Administration and the municipalities belonging to our municipality. This season we have created ski slopes where the skiers can travel safely. All preparations are completed, when it snows enough ski season will be opened, "he said.

Turkey "Cibiltepe listed among the leading ski resorts in the" well, it's 25 9 kilometers long runway and lifts 4.