Towards the end in the Lifeguard Tunnel

Lifeguard Tunnel 'in toward the end: When finished, one of Turkey's longest tunnel will be carried out after the concreting work seen in the light of the Tunnel Rescue 70 percent completed.
Drilling was completed on March 690, 10 in the 400-meter section of the Cankurtaran Tunnel, which is an alternative to the 16-altitude Cankurtaran Pass on the Hopa-Artvin highway route, which connects the Black Sea to Iran via Erzurum and does not pass through harsh winter conditions.
In the Cankurtaran Tunnel, the foundation of which was laid on October 29, 2010 by Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of the period, concreting works are carried out on both sides of Borçka and Hopa districts. Artvin Governor Kemal Javelin, AA correspondent, Life Tunnel Artvin, Hopa with Borçka district between 5 thousand 200 meters in length will be constructed as a double-tube construction, he said when completed will be one of Turkey's longest highway tunnel.
Stating that the concreting and supporting works are continuing rapidly in the tunnel, Governor Cirit said, “Drilling in the tunnel construction was completed in March in both tubes. Concreting works in both tubes were completed by 70 percent. Now we have the chance to say this; Especially our truck drivers and citizens traveling with their vehicles will cross the Cankurtaran Mountains for the last time this winter. I hope that with the end of the tunnel work, the Lifeguard Tunnel will start serving our drivers at the end of 2015 ”.
“Tunnel is a wonder of Turkish engineering and contracting”
Javelin Governor of the tunnel, stressing that the Turkish engineering and contracting wonders, "Turkey is a country with targets. In line with the goals of our country, tunnel construction shows the point where the Turkish engineering and contracting sector has reached. The Lifeguard Tunnel, which will shorten the transportation between Borcka-Hopa by 12 kilometers, will also connect the Black Sea to the south and Iran via Erzurum. He will reduce the road transportation between Hopa and Borcka from 30 kilometers to 18 ”.
Cirit said that with the commissioning of the tunnel, the Cankurtaran Pass, which had great disruptions in transportation especially in the winter due to snow and icing, will also be history. Explaining that Artvin is the “city of tunnels”, Governor Cirit said:
“Artvin has a challenging geography. In this challenging geography, there are approximately 62 tunnel construction works in our city by both DSI and Highways General Directorates. Some of these were put into service, some of them continue. This is the most important of the tunnel, lifeguard Tunnel will be the longest tunnel in Turkey with 10 thousand 400 meters long. "

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