Bünyan Met with Hot Asphalt


Bünyan Meets Hot Asphalt: Bünyan Mayor Şinasi Gülcüoğlu said that hot asphalt was poured to Bünyan for the first time.
Bünyan Mayor Şinasi Gülcüoğlu gave information about the work done in Bünyan. Stating that hot asphalt was poured to Bünyan for the first time in his period, Gülcüoğlu said, “After taking over our duty as Bünyan Municipality, we are putting out the frames of our works and implementing our projects one by one. Works are being carried out on the replacement of sewerage, drinking water, asbestos water pipes, taking the energy transmission lines of the electricity company underground, taking the communication lines of the telephone company underground and throwing hot asphalt on a 500-meter-long road. The road is in the last stage for hot asphalt. After that, the work to be done will be in the form of determining the curbs and pavements and throwing hot asphalt. Unfortunately, there has not been a planned hot paving so far. Our district has a long history. It is a settlement that became a district on the same date as Adana. Unfortunately, hot asphalt work has not been done so far. Hopefully, on this occasion, our people will gradually see the beauty they deserve here. A whole Bünyan is in the construction site with the amendment made with the new law. Currently, works such as sewage works and parquet team work are continuing. The weather is going well and we are trying to make use of it ”.
Stating that more than 10 thousand tons of hot asphalt will be poured, President Gülcüoğlu said, “We did not calculate the exact cost of our work, but there is a very serious cost. Over 10 thousand tons of asphalt will be poured and the cost of this asphalt alone is over 1 minion TL. The infrastructure here has a very serious infrastructure problem, both with the size of the KASKI and the size of the electricity company. These are completely projects, and we will do an exemplary work as a sign that Bünyan will receive the service he deserves. We are planning to try a special solution on the asphalt we will pour. I hope we have finished our work on this and we are thinking of using a special solution on the asphalt to be poured. Bunyan is a winter homeland and winter takes a long time. We will prepare our way within this framework. If necessary, we will remove this road again, because now Bünyan is starting to be ready for natural gas, ”he said.
Emphasizing that the infrastructure works are also continuing in Bünyan, Gülcüoğlu said, “There are pilot neighborhoods that we have identified. Since Bünyan's infrastructure is completely paralyzed, we chose the pilot neighborhoods and we are entering the asphalt business by solving the infrastructure problem of these. If the infrastructure problem has been resolved before, we directly enter the asphalt business. Simultaneously, our hot asphalt and infrastructure works continue in several neighborhoods. I hope we will reveal better days and a more livable Bünyan ”.

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