European rail logistics companies Expects Turkey Attack

European logisticians are waiting Railway from Turkey Attack: IF one of Europe's most important business network (International Transport Association) members met in Istanbul. The expectations from Turkey in the European logistics companies at the event were tabled.

The most important expectation was the railway to be connected to Europe.

The IFA event, hosted by Batu Logistics in Istanbul, brought together 26 logistics companies from 52 European countries. Companies at the event, talking about the latest developments related to the logistics industry in the country, Batumi is the only representative of the host and the IFA event in Turkey Logistics also gave information about the studies in Turkey.

Waiting for the European Railway!

Evaluating the expectations of European logistics companies after the event, Batu Logistics Board Chairman Taner Ankara said, “Intermodal transportation is getting more and more common throughout the world. Our European colleagues have also increased and expectations for the acceleration of investments to be made in this direction in Turkey. For the development of this system, especially the railways at the European border should step in as soon as possible ”.

The intermodal system, which is mainly used for rail and sea transportation, saves considerably more time compared to other transportation models and is seen as more environmentally friendly than standard transportation.

Positive Effects on Export and Import of Railway Investments!

Stating that after the completion of railway investments, not only the logistics sector but also imports and exports will accelerate, Taner Ankara said, “Increased railway investments will increase intermodal transportation. As a result, there may be a noticeable increase in exports and imports, as international transportation will both facilitate and reduce costs ”.

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