The ceremony at Diyarbakir Station revived the arrival of Ataturk in Diyarbakir

At the ceremony held in Diyarbakır Station, Atatürk's arrival in Diyarbakır was revived: Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's arrival in Diyarbakır was the 77. anniversary was celebrated with a ceremony held in Diyarbakır Gar. At the ceremony, the arrival of Ataturk in the Diyarbakir Gar was revived.

The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Diyarbakır Hüseyin Aksoy, Diyarbakır Garage Manager Enver Oğuz, Warehouse Manager Şehmuz Oktar, Wagon Service Chief Mustafa Yaman and TCDD staff and a large number of students.

Diyarbakir Gar in the representation of the animated animation ceremony, the locomotive and the wagon war veterans, Diyarbakir Governor Huseyin Aksoy was presented by the Turkish Flag. By kissing the flag, Aksoy entrusted the young people whom he stated to be the guarantors of our Republic and our future.

After the welcoming ceremony, the folk dance team performed a show in front of the station. After the show, poems were read by the students.

Diyarbakir Governor Huseyin Aksoy during the years of the National Struggle at the expense of hundreds of martyrs, the Ancestors of the people of the Republic of Diyarbakir who did not leave his father showed the same sensitivity during the Republic period, he said. Aksoy, ile A year before the death of our supreme leader 15 1937 15 date, we are currently in Diyarbakir Garda, as well as in our country in Diyarbakir, as well as all over the country was met with great enthusiasm and love shows. 1937 has launched the advancement of advancement in the history of XNUMX by hosting the great commander and unique statesman. X

After the ceremony at the railway station, a wreath presentation ceremony took place in the Memorial Park. The ceremony began with the reading of the National Anthem and ended with the presentation of wreaths to the Atatürk Monument.

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