600 Personality Army on Asphalt Moves

Asphalt March 600 Personality Army: Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, started to work in October 310 million pounds of asphalt moves to the team was established and 2015 from April to see the rural asphalt mobilization will see everyone.
Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz attended the AK Party 5th Camas Ordinary District Congress. Addressing the party members here, Mayor Yılmaz said that although they are a new municipality, they have achieved great things. Stating that they work for the Army day and night, Mayor Yılmaz said, “We have held positions that would not be possible for many people at our young age. "We do not have any expectations from you other than 'God bless" after the services we will do. "
15 km from the town of Camas. Stating that they will make hot asphalt, Mayor Yılmaz said, “We made history in 19 districts with 55 percent of the votes. We are engaged in the largest municipality is 309 million pounds of hot asphalt tenders in Turkey's metropoles. 180 people are currently working in the field for the road. This figure will be 600 people in April. I hope we will make hot asphalt the mountains and stones of washing and other districts. 12 km to Laundry. We said, we are currently adding and 15 km. we are doing ”he said.
Stating that they are determined to end the water and road problems in Ordu, President Yılmaz said, “We will build an Ordu with water and road problems solved. Instead of pouring asphalt every year, we switched to hot asphalt. Currently, there is no municipality in the metropolitan municipalities doing such a job. We promised, we made these services. "We will make Ordu a brand city in other areas after we have completed the infrastructure services."
Saying that “We work 24 hours a day,” said Mayor Yılmaz, “We know what we are doing. As the metropolitan mayor, we visit 6 districts every week. However, Ordu is a very dispersed geography and sometimes we have difficulties in traveling to all of the districts. I came to this country for service purposes after I became a deputy. The seat I'm sitting in doesn't matter to me. We are service party and we are brothers. Everybody should leave small accounts. We do not expect anything other than the only thing we expect from you, 'God bless he has served the country well. We stand behind every promise we make before the elections. By 2017, the Army will feel a great change. "
Mayor Yılmaz made observations in the district after the AK Party Camas 5th Ordinary District Congress and was longing with the citizens. Mayor Yılmaz made examinations in the land planned to be built by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Central Mosque and municipal and district governorship buildings. Mayor Yılmaz, who then examined the Gelin Kayası Recreation area, then left the district.



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