Army Looking for Traffic

Ordu is Seeking a Solution to Traffic: Enver Yılmaz, Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they will make radical route changes in the public transportation area in the city center after the opening of Ordu Ring Road.
Mayor Enver Yılmaz, who came together with the taxi drivers, stated that the city center has 2 or 3 main streets, that these streets cannot handle the traffic density, so they will spread the vehicle density to the city. Stating that they are planning to remove the ring road from the Melet Bridge, following the organized industry along the Melet River Basin in the first stage, Yılmaz said, “Our goal is to open the first section on the bridge with Melet River from Karapınar. Already 95 percent of the city population is on this side. When we open the ring road in the middle of the year, we will throw out the city traffic through the ring road. There will be a lot of traffic relief here. After opening the ring road, we will have route changes in the city. We are currently conducting surveys. To those who live in that area, "What do you say we are planning to block this place to traffic?" he. Because beware, we have 2 or 3 main streets where city traffic is concentrated, especially when viewed from high. On these 2 or 3 main streets, everyone needs to drive in. We also say; Let's spread this vehicle density to the city. So let's bring the main streets behind the city to make parallel streets. We have 1 connection from the stadium, behind the Kemer Bridge, to the state hospital, to the ring road. We are currently working on the route, ”he said.
Yılmaz continued his explanations as follows: “We have 34 taxi stands. We have 192 taxi drivers. 2 of them are passive. Our interlocutor here is you. Despite you, we will not do anything extra. If we are to do something that will generate income, we will get your approval. If we will have a route change or a different application of a line, we will take your requests and opinions. The unit formed under the name of the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) in the Metropolitan Municipality, all of the service areas of the minibus, bus, bus station were gathered under the name of this branch. We hand over the bus stations. We will open Unye bus station on the 15th of the month. We finished all the processes, we solved the problem very easily. Let's talk loudly if we have troubles. The army needs service. Look at the government's investments in Ordu. The city where the airport will be opened is not ready. The city whose ring road will be put into service is not ready. Hospitals, medical schools, city hospitals, all of these end in 2016. We say airport, they had discussions on whether to do it or not, remember. What had been told to us? Our President will make the next opening on March 15. Planes will land here. We are rescheduling Ordu for all these services and exhibiting an intense working tempo to get it ready. "
Uz We will do one type of taxi stops, but we're probably planning on 1-1.5 years later. Just like in Ankara, there are taxi stops like in big cities. We will present them to you, how you want them. There was already a taxi stand with tea-making facilities in the taxi stops, which had a sink, and a place to rest if needed. We will apply to you because we will implement the same project in every part of the Army. We bring models, we say, what do we do? We will make this promise from 2015-2016. Because for us, the priority problem is infrastructure and transportation. 2 will finish the 90 of the year in the year, I hope there will be hot asphalt everywhere. We set the 3 of our 70 annual budget. At the beginning of 2016-2017 we will enter the city center. We'll make hot asphalt everywhere you've seen in the city.



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