116 Turning Agricultural Land for Construction of 1600 Acres in Antalya

📩 24/11/2018 14:32

116 acres of agricultural land for 1600 acres of road in Antalya was opened to construction: Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Antalya Branch President Cem Oğuz reacted to the development of 116 acres of agricultural land for 1600 acres of the Western Ring Road between Karaman and Çandır brook, “Yes agricultural land for the road is also open for zoning, but that is not the case. ”
The Western Ring Road in Antalya includes a distance of 15 kilometers from Korkuteli junction in Kepezüstü to the coastal road in Konyaaltı Liman Mahallesi. In order for the road to be opened, the private property problem between Çandır and Karaman streams needs to be resolved. Cem Oğuz, the head of İMO Antalya Branch, reacted to the zoning plan adopted by the Metropolitan Municipality Council on 12 November, regarding the opening of the agricultural lands in this region in order to open the way without paying the expropriation fee.
Cem Oğuz said, “This road, which is 60 meters wide, has to be opened. Because this road will ease the traffic in the city. But until now, everyone has made efforts not to open the road, but to open it. There was no problem in the works other than 1800 meters of the road. Approximately 1800 thousand square meters of land is needed to open the 116-meter section. Since this land belongs to individuals, it is requested to provide the necessary land for the road by opening the region to zoning instead of expropriation. For this reason, they say, let's open 160 hectares of agricultural land in the region. But opening such a large area to development will bring huge problems to this city. ”
Stating that the area between Karaman and Çandır streams, which are intended to be opened for construction, is the flood area, Oğuz said, “This area between the two teas is a filling area. Groundwater level on the ground is very high. Therefore, a special construction must be done here. There must be pile foundations. A costly construction. With the construction, a huge population will come to the region. Infrastructure problems will arise with the population. Sewerage and rain water problems will arise. ”
Explaining that as İMO is private property, they suggest that the unopened part of the road be opened through expropriation, but the landowners in the region do not want it, “50-60 landowners will be represented by the opening of that area to the zoning. But the whole city will pay for this. ”
1995, in the region's 0.20 precedent to the development of a number of studies about the opening of the President Oğuz, said:
“The second tender for the road was held on September 17, 2012. There was a groundbreaking ceremony on September 22nd. The ministers came and laid the foundation. It was announced that this road would be completed in 800 days. This period is expiring these days. But the road is still not over. Last June, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization also planned and suspended the region. Suspended for 1 month. In the plan of the Ministry, it was envisaged to open a total of 53 hectares on both sides of the region where the road will pass. The floor height in the area opened to construction was limited to a maximum of 8.5 meters. According to the plan, construction will be made in the region, which is opened for development, with 0.40 counterparts. We said 'ok' to this plan of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Because a two-storey building with a maximum height of 8.5 meters could be built. On the other hand, 11.8 hectares of agricultural land for the 53 hectares required for the road would be zoned and destroyed. We deemed this loss appropriate because it will lead. ”
Noting that the landowners in the region objected to the ministry's plan by considering the construction intensity low, Oğuz said, “The land owners wanted 280 hectares of land in the region to be opened for development. We said, 'Opening the agricultural land of about 11 times the size of 30 hectares of land required for the road leads to huge problems. ”
Cem Oğuz said that the Metropolitan Municipality had made a new planning for the region on the pressures. In this plan, which was passed and accepted by the Metropolitan Municipality Council, Oğuz said that both the construction density was increased twice and the boundaries of agricultural land opened to development were expanded three times.
“In the planning made by the municipality, the area opened by the ministry was not sufficient, and it was increased from 53 hectares to 160 hectares. In addition to the opening of 1600 acres of agricultural land, the 0.40 peer ratio of the Ministry was increased by 100 percent to 0.80. The floor height was also increased from two to four. While planning for a population of 40 thousand was envisaged in the ministry's plan, the area opened for construction was tripled by the Metropolitan Municipality and the floor height ratio was doubled and a plan for a population of 240 thousand was made. If you are opening 116 acres of agricultural land for 1600 acres of land required for the road, this is not the name, the name of this is something else. In addition, if you increase the construction density and open the area where the road will pass so much, this road is no longer the peripheral road, it becomes the inner city road. This is not to make a road, but to open agricultural land. We are reacting to this. ”
On the one hand, while public spots were broadcasted on televisions to prevent agricultural lands from being developed, Oğuz said that, on the other hand, agricultural lands were tried to be destroyed under the pretext of Antalya. The zoning plan will come into effect at the end of a one-month suspension period, and if there is an objection, it will be discussed again.

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