Antalya City Center to Airport Rail System

antalya airport security
antalya airport security

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel came together with ANTİAD member businessmen. Antalya Businessmen Association (ANTİAD) President Murat Terlemez, speaking at the meeting attended by the association management and many members, talked about the projects that he realized and plans to realize after the local elections.


Stating that it is not necessary to be a member of the government for the service to come, Türel stated that although he was a member of the government to bring service to Antalya, he constantly went to Ankara. Stating that they focused on the rail system on public transportation, President Türel stated that they are considering a rail system especially from the airport towards the city center and that he will review a preliminary presentation about it today. Stating that they will ask the public without realizing the new project, Türel said: “The airport will be an alternative with the rail system with the connection of Meydan and Aksu. Today we will make a preliminary presentation. We will examine the system regarding the stops and the passage route. Now, when the tourists get off the airport, they will reach the city center and other places with the rail system. Work on the new rail system line continues. Work on the third stage began to emerge roughly. When the work is over, we will ask the public again for new projects. ”


Stating that they are aware of the difficulties experienced in transportation related to Antalya, and that they are constantly focusing on transportation Türel, 2020 intersection should be done until the 32 about transportation, he said.

Türks, who stated that 5 had to complete the new intersection during the year,

“When it comes to Antalya's problems, surveys and sohbetWe know that transportation and public transportation. It is a solution to open new intersections and alternative roads in congested points. Antalya should have 2020 intersections by 32. If these intersections are not made, the problem will still be. The people of Antalya showed a different preference and did not prefer us for a period, and the traffic problem became worse when the roads were not built. We have to build 5 intersections in Antalya within 19 years. We have to build 200 kilometers of new road. As soon as we took office, we took steps regarding this. While the intersections on Gazi Boulevard, whose project source and location were excavated, were supposed to be built, the Metropolitan Mayor of that period did not like and did not like the intersections. When we came to work, we made all the decisions within 3 days and today the intersections are about to end. Nowadays, they say that Antalya Metropolitan Municipality does not make intersections, it is true, we say that, we do not. But we paved the way for the work to be done. If it was the municipal administration in the past, it would not be done again. "

Günceleme: 26/05/2021 17:48

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