In Germany the main purpose of the toll


The main purpose of toll in Germany has emerged: It has been understood that the main purpose of tolling in Germany is to monitor people's road traffic, Ziercke, head of the Federal Criminal Office, BKA's chief, said that the information collected can be used to combat crimes.
A new dimension in the long-standing toll debate in Germany kazanwas. Jörg Ziercke, Head of the Federal Criminal Police Office BKA, pointed out that the car license plate numbers will be recorded with the planned toll application and stated that he wanted to use this information in the fight against crimes. Ziercke said that in exceptional cases, they can use this information to investigate serious crimes.
The head of the BKA, Ziercke, said he was confident that criminals could be identified and captured much more quickly by the use of this information collected on the motorways. Ziercke, for example, reported that a truck driver who had fired another vehicle with a gun had been seized by using toll records.
The Christian social democratic politician (CSU) Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, who proposed the toll project and insisted on its implementation, said he was against Zierck's proposal and that it was absolutely impossible.
Speaking to the Süddeutsche Zeitung on the issue, Dobrindt said that the toll information will be recorded for this purpose only and will not be passed on to the BKA or any other security agency. It is clear that the information collected in the toll law prepared by the Federal Ministry of Transport will not be used to pursue crimes.
It was reported that the toll collection will be made electronically by determining the license plate numbers. Associations and opposition parties struggling for the protection of private information opposed this.
Johannes Caspar, Head of Protection of Private Information for the State of Hamburg, told the newspaper 'Passauer Neue Presse' that recording license plate numbers by electronic system can be used to create 'action profiles' on drivers, criticizing the practice. Transport policies with CSU, sister party of the Christian Democratic Union CDU sözcüResponding to Caspar's criticism, Ulrich Lange said that this practice has been done for trucks for years and it does not bother anyone. Lange argued that those who fear movement profiling with this information should also consider the traces left by cell phones.

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