Alaplıda signaling study

Alaplıda signalization study: AK Party Alapli District Chairman Mustafa Yavuz, accidents occurred at the oil intersection of the three began the signaling studies.
Yavuz, in his statement to the journalists, stated that within the scope of Düzce-Ereğli double road works initiated in 2009, 9 tunnels were built between Akçakoca and Alaplı and transportation to Ankara, Istanbul and Düzce started to be provided in a shorter time.
Yavuz who stated that the drivers travel safer thanks to the double way that looks like a dream, said:
“Thanks to the giant project, our transportation problem was solved, but some problems arose at the intersections. Unfortunately, there were accidents that upset us all, especially at the three petrol junction due to the lack of signaling. Human life is more important to us than anything else. Necessary meetings and correspondence were made with the General Directorate of Highways through our deputy Ercan Candan, and efforts were made for signaling. Highways teams started infrastructure works at the Üçler petrol junction a few days ago, and traffic lights will be installed in the coming days. In addition, studies are continuing to install a radar system at the entrance to the district until the exit. From now on, hopefully, we hope that there will be no sad accidents at the intersection. "

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