The story of a strange metrobus

A strange metrobus story: Overpasses at Istanbul's metrobus stops continue to give signals. It seems that a new one will be added to the stops that are closed one after another. Especially the stops where the Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar direction line passes create security problems due to neglect.

Especially the stops on this line are too weak to bear the weight of the crowd formed by the overcrowding of the heavy rain. The coating is pouring on the material.

"Iron skeleton revealed the facts"

The overpass on the Edirnekapı metrobus stop is a place where extreme intensity is experienced and too much wear is occurring. The worn-out coating on this stall has been removed due to the safety problems it has generated over the past weeks. When the coating on the steps was removed, the gravity of the situation came to light.

It was revealed that the ironwork of the overpass of the Edirnekapı metrobus stop cracked at different joints. The overpass, which is evident in a situation where it cannot handle the excess weight and makes the feeling of collapsing at all times, is still not used. The region of the iron skeleton, which is exposed to a grave situation, leads to the space where the average human foot can enter when a few people move at the same point. It is expected that there will be a new accident in order to consolidate the Edirnekapı metrobus stop, which is one of the stops where thousands of people use each day at different times of the day and where there is the most intensity.

"CHP members submitted a motion to Kadir Topbaş"

In the sad incident that took place at the IGS stop in Avcılar last September, one of our citizens died and one of our citizens was injured. As a result of the crash of the tanker, the overpass at the IGS metrobus station was destroyed like a sand tower. This sad event had great repercussions throughout the country and the authorities were invited by the public. After this sad event, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş presented a parliamentary question to both the CHP council members in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality council and the CHP council members in Avcılar Municipality. The subject headings in the parliamentary question were extremely remarkable and important.

Under what conditions was the construction of bridges and overpasses?

Are the bridges and overpasses inspected?

If so, by whom and how often?

Is the bridge length appropriate to the standards in the overpass where the accident is experienced?

Istanbul is the earthquake region. Are our bridges and overpasses resistant to earthquakes?

"Neither the accident nor the motion did not work"

In spite of this question proposal, it is seen that when the BRT stops are examined, no action has been taken despite the sad event. Stops that are not inspected are almost dangerous every day. Although citizens are aware of all these security problems, they continue to use the overpasses at these stops. Citizens say they are concerned, but they have to go through the top pass to use these lines.

"IGS Stop has been rebuilt"

In the past September, the IGS station overpass was rebuilt. Although not yet completed, due to insufficient security measures, citizens are trying to cross the barriers to use the overpass. Citizens trying to cross the barriers even with a baby carriage are trying to use the overpass which is not yet completed because there is no overpass on the road. Even though the skeletons have been formed in the upper passage where the officials continue to work, the barriers for the prevention purposes are overcome and the passengers are provided with a thousand difficulties. Because of not taking sufficient security measures, new accidents are being invited.

It is possible to see passengers using the crossing sign and the overpass in the same frame

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Social Facilities Station, which we had previously reported, was closed immediately after our news, because of security problems, renovation works will be done. It is seen that there is still no work done at the IMM Social Facilities Stop, which was closed in September. Although the overpass is closed with barriers and pedestrian crossings are prohibited, security problems persist. In the same square, it is possible to see both the yellow sign with the phrase "closed to pedestrians overpass" and pedestrians who are still using the overpass. Passengers crossing the barriers are prohibited, as there is no other overpass and sufficient security measures, although the passage continues. The state of the overpass where the station is located is deplorable. It is rust all over and the steps are crumbling. This means that accidents are not a lesson in any way. Still the same mistakes continue to be repeated stubbornly.

There's not a single act in months

Although the overpass where the Cennet Mahallesi Stop is located has been closed for about six months due to security problems, the renovation has just started. The work of the station, which has not been a single operation for months and has almost infuriated the residents of Cennet Mahallesi, who use that line because it is closed, started after months. Cennet Mahallesi Durağı, which was not known when it will be re-opened, had the citizens revolted.

"There is no right of passage for disabled citizens in Avcılar Center"

Avcılar Merkez-University Campus, which is extremely worn out due to densities and maintenance, and where the veneer boards begin to fall off, is another stopover gate that gives a signal. The escalators haven't been working for months. There are also construction waste and stones on the steps of the escalators. The elevator, which is also active for the use of disabled people, is a constant failure. Until recently, the elevator was closed because of the disabled citizens and elderly people who are not capable of climbing stairs and there was almost no stopping at this stop.

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