Kars will turn into a mini China with BTK railway

Kars will turn into a mini China with BTK railway: Kars, which is the center for the railway that will connect Asia to Europe, is experiencing great activity. While there was no space left in the Organized Second Zone established in the city, the Russians hunted for land for investment in the city. It was stated that with the investments to be made in Kars, his city will turn into a mini China.

While everyone is focused on popular projects such as the 3rd Bridge, Channel Istanbul and the Eurasia Tube Crossing Project, a giant project that progresses quietly in the far east of the country is approaching the end. With the project, 90% of which has been completed, there is an extraordinary dynamism in the region. The number of factories increased from 3 to 39, and there was no space left in the OIZ. A magnificent proposal for the region where the Russians were looking for land was brought to the agenda at the meeting of economy ministers.

According to Kenan Biter from News 7, the 2008 km long Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway project, which was founded in 180 and will connect the three countries, is finally coming to an end. The project, of which almost 500 percent has been completed after 6 years of feverish work, is planned to be put into operation in 90.

Central Asian countries via Turkey in a continuous manner, which will connect Europe with the Marmaray project in the first place year 1 million passengers with the realization, 3,5 million tons of freight moved that predicted that this number within a few years is expected to reach the 2-3 solid.


With the so-called mega project of the East, there is a serious movement in the region. In fact, before the foundation of the project, there was no one star hotel in Kars, but in the last 6 year, two 5 stars and two 4 star hotels were built.


Investment in the region is not just tourism-oriented. The number of houses made in recent years is also booming. The number of houses built in the 10 year is almost equal to the number of dwellings made in the 30 annual history of the city. This shows that a local order has begun.


In addition to housing and tourism, the investments in the region after BTK seem to have gained speed. According to information obtained in the region of the Organized Industrial Zone in the absence of space is expressed to meet the demand for the second stage of the work began. Factory investments in every sector in Kars, the number of dairy factories with pre-project 3 is already already in 39.


However, the work that will seriously improve the region and transform it into a center of attraction will soon be the logistic village to be established by the Ministry of Transport. The Ministry has already identified an area of ​​200 acres for this work in the so-called Paşaçayırı region of Kars. The project, whose feasibility studies have been completed, is expected to be made very soon.

The Russians land on the land!

Along with the project, many investors from abroad as well as from abroad follow the region closely. A few investors in the region for tourism and that the preliminary work started by stating that the authorities, foreigners, especially Russian companies are in search of a suitable place for logistics.


With the project, which the people of the region and Central Asian countries are looking forward to, the integrated works have gained momentum. The Dilucu Border Gate in Iğdır has been completely renewed by TOBB. A feverish work is underway at the Çıldır Aktaş Border Gate in Ardahan, and this gate is planned to be opened in March.


The most exciting development among all these developments is the plan to turn Kars into a mini Chinese. This development was expressed by the joint meeting of the economy ministers of the country's partner 3. At the meeting, with the completion of the project, the production of a series of products produced in the Far East countries has been brought to the agenda.


Speaking to Haber7 about the progress of the project, AK Party Kars Deputy Ahmet Arslan stated that the project will be opened in the autumn of 2014 due to the state of affairs that was declared contrary to the year 2015, and said, “All three sides of the project are running simultaneously. The most important feature of the project is that it will unite Asia and Europe with Marmaray. In this way, all kinds of raw material needs will be shipped through this line. A project is also being considered for Nakhchivan via Iğdır. Then Kars 3 will be a road at the mouth of the railway. That's why, when the logistics base is put into practice, the region will turn into a center of attraction. Trade will be enormously revitalized. On the other hand, foreign investors also care about the region with BTK and continue their research. ''


Kars Guven, the former president of the Chamber of Commerce businessman Ali Guvensoy: We are excited to see the project, which will provide a great benefit to Kars when it is completed. The establishment of the logistics base in Kars is also very important for us. When the project is fully operational, we think there will be a serious development in the region. What kind of investments we can make as business people in the region are doing the preliminary work.


Ali Nail Çelik, President of Kars Industry and Businessmen Association: A serious business volume occurred in the region due to the project. It is carried out in the region with integrated projects. These people excite the people of the region. BTK is the mega project of Kars. The region will bring great commercial vitality and change your destiny. Kars and its surroundings will become a logistics base. But we're not content with that. We want a Free Zone as Kars Ardahan and Igdir businessmen. This will be a base crowning all projects. The project will change the fate of the east.


Kars-Ardahan - Iğdır Young Businessmen Association President Hüseyin Güzel: This is a road project. The road is always civilization. Success is achieved where the road is. The main reason for people's loss until this time has been transported. Because it was the factor that raised all costs. That's why this project gives us hope. As business people, we organize trips to the region. When the project is fully operational, perhaps the businessmen doing business in the West will migrate back to their regions.

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