Turkish logistics centers should be established in certain regions of Russia

Turkish logistics centers should be established in certain regions of Russia: President of Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (NQF) Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan said that exports to Russia, which is considered as the target and priority country in terms of exports, decreased by 13 compared to last year.

Turkey's largest trade partner, in the first 2014 years 10 the Russian Federation (January-October) of exports to that 5 million 72 thousand 273 dollars said Gurdogan, compared to the same period last year this figure was noted that there has been a decrease of 13 percent.

Gürdoğan emphasized that it is expected that the necessary works will be carried out in order to increase the exportation of exporters to the Russian Federation in an urgent manner. and we are convinced that there will be a significant leap in our exports to the aforementioned country by the agreements that will facilitate our trade. ve

Gurdogan, the Russian Federation against the European Union and US sanctions after the embargo, before these countries supplied by the products of the problems stemming from the logistics Although the offer important opportunities for exporters turn towards Turkey and foreign trade facilitator of the lack of agreement, said that convert this advantage into disadvantage brought.

Gürdoğan said, ıcı The inability of the problem of inadequacy in the transition documents towards the Russian Federation, and the cost-increasing factors created by the lack of infrastructure in logistics, hinders the exporters' competitiveness and the possibility of offering competitive prices. For this reason, many buyers in the Russian Federation have started to supply the products that they can supply from our country with more competitive price and far more far from our country. The establishment of Turkish logistics centers in certain regions of the Russian Federation where we frequently brought to the agenda in the previous periods, the new export routes to be formed and the cooperation with Russian Federation in logistics will enable the opening of all Central Asian Region to the Caspian Sea. in a short time, ”he said.

Gürdoğan stated that they are looking forward to the establishment of a logistics center in Russia. Merkez The Tenth Development Plan covering the 2014-2018 years announced by our Government to the public UM In the Action Plan for Transformation from Logistics to Logistics Kamu Establishment of Logistics Centers abroad, In this framework, where logistics centers will be established, increasing logistics efficiency will contribute to the competitiveness of Turkish products in the Caucasus region of Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan as well as the Caspian Sea coastal countries and East Africa. The fact that the establishment of the Turkish Logistics Center was included in the action plan was welcomed in terms of our sector and it was foreseen to be established in Russia by our exporters. the center is expected to be found in the establishment of the center.


Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:19

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