İZBAN returned to torture after the service with the public

With İZBAN, the journey from the service to the public returned to torture. Officially turned to torture in Especially in the morning and in the evening, the possibility of riding, it is not possible traf In order to be more comfortable in the urban traffic of private vehicles, lifted many bus services, the so-called social understanding of the CHP Mayor of the Metropolitan. . Thank goodness the torture of IZBAN started to live.

Hani is Manisalı ta; Manisalı did not vote for him a watery apology sent gör gör Tango standing like adultery, B he… I also see a lap dance of the passengers in İZBAN, I enjoy the trip with them (!) I do not know what to say. a citizen was screaming in the crowd. ”O fathers of this decision k Put your wife on your daughter before you put these wagons to the freedom of the citizen fikir.

Since there is a camera system in the wagons, such good wishes are being conveyed to Mr. Başkana iler I think he will do what is necessary bu

Source: Fikret Kalmuk - haberhurriyeti.com




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