The Importance of Passing Railway Over the Bay Bridge

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The importance of passing the railway over the Bay Bridge: The Rail System Line, which is planned to be on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge in the Istanbul - Izmir Motorway Project, which has been tendered by the Ministry of Transportation and General Directorate of Highways, was abolished after the announcement of the tender.

With this highway project; In the western parts of the Marmara, Aegean and Central Anatolia, important economic and social developments are expected and it is expected that Istanbul will contribute significantly to the solution of the migration problem.

The most important factors affecting transportation are time, cost and comfort. The shorter the time it takes to go from one place to another, the more attractive the destination will be.
Önemli The most important factor that increases the internal dynamics of a country is the shortness of transportation time. “

The length of the high-speed train line between Ankara and Istanbul is 533 km. and the transportation time is planned to be 3 hours.

The most important part of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project is between Mekece Valley and İzmit-Gebze, where the Bozüyük-Bilecik-Sakarya route passes.

Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train route from Bozüyük and taken towards the direction of Bursa, İnegöl, Yenişehir, Iznik route after passing over the Izmit Bay Bridge, significant savings in construction costs as possible, the length of the route 50-55 km. 533 with shortening km. 478 km of the length of the route. It will be possible to reach 3 hours from 2.5 hours.

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line after Bozüyük, Bursa direction to be changed between Yenisehir and Bursa 50-55 km. With a railway at the height of both Ankara and Istanbul, Bursa will be connected by high-speed train line.

In case the high speed train line passing through İzmit Bay Bridge and extending to İzmir is extended to İzmir; about 500 km. It will be possible to travel between Istanbul and Izmir by 2.5 every hour.

Another route that can be created by passing the high speed train line through the İzmit Bay Bridge is the Istanbul-Antalya high-speed train line. Also; If a railway (subway) route to be built around Izmit Bay is passed over the Bay Bridge, the Kocaeli Ring Road (railway) route will be used and Kocaeli transportation will be significantly resolved.

It is not possible to construct a second railway bridge to this region, and the projects which are very important for the development and development of our country will not be realized.

There are many suspension bridges across the world, along with the railway line.
In case of financing problems, it is technically possible to pass the railway route through the İzmit Bay Bridge.

Therefore, 50 years in Turkey's future in terms of the development of the railway system, which will affect economic activity, "the railway route will be passed over Great Concern is İzmit Bay Bridge.

The increase in the cost of the rail system on the bridge is negligible in the face of the ın public interest ın expected from the system.


As it is known, since the beginning of 1990, Istanbul - İzmir Motorway project is one of the projects to be carried out by the General Directorate of Highways. With the completion of this project, which will connect the Marmara Region to the Aegean Region, great social and economic developments are expected.

1997 in Istanbul - Izmir Highway project, 1999 Marmara Earthquake after; due to negativity; has been canceled; At the beginning of 2008, the tender was announced again.

In the tender announcement published at the beginning of 2008; It was envisaged to have a 2 × 3 lane highway and 2 × 1 railway line on the "Bay Bridge" to be built in Izmit Bay. But; The 2008 × 1 railway line on the Bay Bridge was removed with the addendum number 2 made in August 1. With the addendum numbered 2, some changes were made in the tender conditions and the tender process was postponed for 4 months and the date was determined as 9-April-2009.

The importance of this railway line is very important for our country. In the future, it is not possible to build a railway line on the same route, and it will be necessary to follow Adapazarı - Bilecik route which is not feasible for the Aegean and Mediterranean directions. The importance and the reasons for passing the railway line over the Bay Bridge are given below.


The most important factors affecting transportation are time, cost and comfort. The shorter the transportation time to go from one place to another, the more attractive the destination becomes.
The most important factor that increases the internal dynamics of a country is the shortness of transportation time.

Istanbul and its hinterland in Turkey with a population of 16-17 5 million are regions where one out of every person. this region where more than half of Turkey's economy; it is also an important consumption center.

Ankara is the capital of our country; Besides its population and political structure, it is at an important crossroads with its location in the middle of Anatolia.

After arriving from Ankara to Ankara; It is possible to reach Konya, Adana, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Malatya, Erzurum and Samsun.

The distance from Istanbul to Ankara by road 435 km. is around; It is possible to get this distance from the motorway at 4 hour. Between Ankara and Istanbul, 533 km. The length of the high speed train line was completed between Ankara - Eskişehir - İnönü. The second stage of the high-speed train project 158 km. Eskişehir - Köseköy (Izmit) has been tendered and it has not started yet due to legal problems. 3 of the project. between Köseköy and Gebze, 56 km. and the preparations for tenders continue. The high speed train project will be connected to the Marmaray line in Gebze and the transportation period will be around 3 hours when the project is completed.
The city of Antalya is the center of the tourism economy in our country. 810 km from Istanbul. The transportation and transportation time to this far away city has a special importance in terms of tourism.

Transportation time from Istanbul to Antalya takes 12-13 hour by bus. It's even harder to go a few times a year and so long. If the distance to 4-5 is reduced, it will be possible to travel much more.

Turkey's 3. Izmir is the largest city in the Aegean Region, where 90s of imports and exports are made. In the 40% of Turkey's economy meets Istanbul alone. Also; As mentioned above, Istanbul is an important consumption center.

As it is known, İzmir and its surroundings are one of the most important regions of our country in terms of tourism. In addition to many other hotels in the Aegean Region, there are tens of thousands of summer houses in this region. Many cottage owners live in the Marmara Region and use the summer houses in the 3-4 month of the year. In the remaining 8-9 of the year, it remains closed and remains idle. The reason why the apartments are empty for such a long time is that the transportation time to Izmir and its vicinity takes 10-12 hours. Even if they want to use the cottages on weekends, during holidays and in good weather, it is not preferred because at least two days must pass on the road.

Another issue is that the Aegean Region is an important agricultural region and the agricultural products produced are mainly sent to the Marmara region for consumption.

As mentioned above, although there is such an economic power, there is not enough contact between Istanbul and Izmir because of the lack of high quality and short time transportation.

With access to 3-4 hours increasing the quality of transportation routes between Istanbul and Izmir, it will be possible to generate a few billion dollars in the Aegean Region and Izmir with the fact that even only% 5 from the tens of thousands of summer houses in the Aegean Region is continuously used.

Apart from this, the local shopkeepers and farmers will also earn a significant amount of income when the people who come to the region buy here, buy food products for food, and as a result, the migration from the village to the city will end.

Due to shorter transportation times; Apart from the owners of the cottage, it is possible to make use of the accommodation opportunities in the city for those who wish to make weekend trips and day trips.
As it is understood from the information above, the short time of transportation between major cities and important centers leads to an increase in the internal dynamics of the country, and development and prosperity are increasing rapidly.


The main railway and high-speed train projects that can be done by passing the railway line over the İzmit Bay Bridge are as follows.


  1. Istanbul - Iznik - Inegol - Bozuyuk - Eskisehir-Ankara High Speed ​​Line
  2. İstanbul - İznik - İnegöl - Bozüyük - Afyon - Antalya High Speed ​​Line
  3. İstanbul - İznik - Yenişehir - Bursa - Balıkesir - İzmir High Speed ​​Line


  1. İstanbul - Yalova - Bursa Railway


  1. Extension of Marmaray Metro Line to Yalova
  2. Izmit Bay Ring Metro


1- Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Line

As it is known, the construction works of Ankara - İstanbul Rapid Train Line have been tendered in several stages.

1 of the project. The construction of the second stage of the 278 km between Ankara and İnönü has been completed.

2 of the project. The tender for the stage, which is the 215 km-long İnönü-Köseköy (Izmit), has not been completed yet due to legal problems.

  1. Stage route, after Bozüyük district; It passes through Mekece Valley until Pamukova. In this very narrow valley; There are existing settlements, highway, Sakarya River and its branches. Therefore; Nearly all of the railroad route to be built for this section consists of tunnels and viaducts.

Passing the route through the Bay Bridge:

Instead of 215 km long İnönü - Köseköy - Gebze Line, the 165 km long İnönü - Bozüyük - İnegöl - Yenişehir - İznik - Körfez Bridge - Gebze Route will follow the high-speed train route.

The route will reach to İnegöl after Bozüyük, passing through Mezit valley, which is partly wider than Mezit valley until İnegöl. Between İnegöl and Yenişehir will follow the valley connecting one of the two plains.

Yenişehir district will be the junction point of high-speed train lines for the High Speed ​​Line. The lines going from Yenişehir to Bursa and Istanbul will be reserved here. Information on the Istanbul - Bursa - Izmir high-speed train line is given in the next section.

There are southern Iznik mountains in the east - west direction between Yenişehir and İznik. This section must be crossed with a tunnel of 5-6 km.

İznik and the Gulf bridge will be built between Altınova the maximum elevation 200 m and the Old Roman road passes through the Ayazma Road. The passing of the high-speed train line is very convenient. It is possible to pass this section with quite a few tunnels and viaducts.

The high speed train line passing through the Bay Bridge is connected to the existing railway line in Gebze and reaches to it.

The advantages of the high-speed train line, which is proposed to pass through the Bay Bridge, are as follows.

  1. The length of Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Line will be about 50 - 55 shorter than the current project. This means that the transport time 20 - 25 min. will cause shortening. The expected journey time to be 3 hours will be reduced to 2.5 hours.

2- High speed train line passing through the Bay Bridge can be connected to the existing railway line in Gebze district; it will be possible to pass to the European side very easily following the new Marmara Marmara Highway and the Istanbul 3.

  1. Considering the Izmit city center and other settlements between Köseköy and Gebze, the existing tender line is mostly required to be crossed with tunnels and the costs will be high.

4- The construction cost will be lower as of the route it passes, as it will be shorter than the current tender line.

5-Ankara - Istanbul If the high-speed train line passes the recommendation route; A railway line from Yenişehir to Bursa will be constructed at a low cost in Ankara - Bura line with a railway line of 50 - 55 km.

6- In other words; By making a line as long as the length of the current tender line, it will be possible to connect Ankara to both Istanbul and Bursa as well as the cost of construction.
Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Railway Line after Ankara, Adana and Erzurum to the direction of extension of the east and the west of Turkey will be able to occur 7- 8 hours.

2- Istanbul - Antalya High Speed ​​Line:

In terms of Turkey's most important tourism center of Antalya, also citrus and greenhouse grown plants it is one of the centers.

A highway and high-speed train line from Istanbul to 810 - 820 km between 7 and 8 - 4 and 4.5 - XNUMX hours between high - speed train with XNUMX - XNUMX satte will be possible to cover in this case; There will also be important developments in Antalya and Kütahya, Afyon, Burdur and Isparta.

3-Istanbul-Izmir High Speed ​​Line

Izmir takes a long time to reach Istanbul and Ankara by train. To reach the bus, very long periods such as 10-12 hours are required. This situation affects the transportation demand that should be towards İzmir.

An annual average 110-120 bus is available from Istanbul to Izmir on a daily basis. The average number of times, in summer, increases and decreases in winter. A daily annual average 180-190, including the coastal part of the Aegean region of Izmir and the coastal regions of Marmaris, is carried out and the bus goes back to Istanbul.

If it is accepted that all buses come and go full, the journey amounts are as follows.

Number of round-trip trips between Istanbul and Izmir: 11.000 passenger / day
Number of round-trip trips between Istanbul and Aegean Region: 18.000 passenger / day

It is possible to say that the above mentioned bus trips have the same number of trips with private vehicles. Considering the amount of travel made, it is seen that due to the long duration of transportation to İzmir and the access time is not at the desired level, it will add activity and added value to İzmir and not benefit from domestic tourism enough.

With the construction of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway, a person who will travel with his private car will be able to reach Izmir by taking the distance of approximately 425 km in 3.5 - 4 hours, using legal speeds. Same way; If the Ankara-Izmir Highway is constructed, it will be able to cover a distance of 540 km in 4 - 4.5 hours. This situation will cause significant progress in the development of İzmir.

The fastest trains in the world have an average speed of 250-300 km. Developed countries are now on the fast train in public transportation. For example; Germany built the 300 Km High Speed ​​Train Line for trains running at 6.000 Km per hour, enabling 3-4 to be reached all over the country. In the same way, many advanced countries such as Japan, South Korea, France and Spain have reached advanced levels in high speed train.

In our country, the construction of the high-speed train line constructed between Ankara and Eskişehir should be expanded and priorities should be determined. In this context, the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir High-Speed ​​Line and the Ankara-Izmir High-Speed ​​Line, together with the Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Line, should also be commissioned.

The length of the proposed Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir High-Speed ​​Train Line is around 500 Km, and the maximum access time from Istanbul to Izmir will be 2.5 hours, which will increase the demand for travel to Izmir and the Aegean Region. Currently 10-12.000 travels to 50-60.000 and 20-25.000 travels to 50-60.000 and the 30-35.000 after the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway is in operation, thanks to the high-speed shuttle bus to Izmir. In other words, it is highly probable that daily journeys with 100-120.000, in total, will come to the XNUMX-XNUMX.

In the event that the above-mentioned journeys are made, it is a fact that the impact on the development of İzmir will be very much parallel to the increases in the revenues to be obtained from the facilities such as the development of İzmir, the increase in occupancy rates in hotels and the facilities such as restaurants and shopping centers.

The connection of Izmir to Istanbul by highway and high speed train line will cause not only Izmir but also the region and our country to develop rapidly.
One of the most important factors that will affect the construction of the Istanbul-Izmir High Speed ​​Line is the connection of the high-speed train line to Bursa via the İzmit Bay Bridge and then to İzmir via Balıkesir. The railway line on the Izmit Bay Bridge, which will be constructed within the scope of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project, which is still in the tender announcement, has been removed by an addendum. In case the railway line is not built on Izmit Bay Bridge; Istanbul-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Line will be impossible to make. It is for this reason that the review of this decision is very important for our country and Izmir.


1- Istanbul - Yalova - Bursa Railway Line

The railway lines for cargo transportation must be separated from the high speed train lines. Otherwise, due to the negative effects of freight trains on high-speed train lines; The risk of accidents on high-speed trains will increase.

In order to construct a railway line from Istanbul to Yalova and Bursa, the railway line must pass over the Bay Bridge. Otherwise; It will be necessary to provide connection via Sakarya - Bilecik, in which case the railway line 250-300 km. it will have to be connected to Bursa. In this case, the Istanbul - Bursa railway line, which will find the 450-500 km, will be far from being feasible. Benefits to be achieved by passing the railway line over the Bay Bridge

  1. From Istanbul to Bursa, it will be possible to reach Yalova via a very short connection.
  2. A direct connection to the port to be made to the South Marmara Region will be provided.
  3. It will be possible to contact with the ports in Yalova and Gemlik.


1- Extension of the Marmaray Project to Yalova

The Marmaray Project ends in Gebze and the transportation period between Haydarpaşa and Gebze is 1 hours. The distance between Gebze and South Marmara is 15-20 and the distance to Yalova is 30-35 km.

It is located on the 30-35 km. The transportation time to Istanbul's Haydarpaşa station will be around 1,5 hours with the metro line which will reach Yalova with the extension of this time period. With this project, the population pressure in Istanbul will contribute significantly to shifting to South Marmara.

2- Ring Metro in Izmit Bay

By using the Bay Bridge, it will be possible to create the backbone of the metro network of Kocaeli Province with the establishment of a metro or suburban line about 105 km around the Gulf of Izmit. The esi Izmit Bay Ring Metro Kocaeli, which is expected to solve the transportation of Kocaeli province significantly, can be done in two stages.

1.ETAP RİNG METROSU: The ring metro, which runs around the eastern perimeter of the Izmit Bay, crosses the 1750 Km ring with a sea structure of 37 m. With this metro line which will appeal to İzmit City, many public transportation vehicles will be prevented from blocking roads.

2.ETAP RING METHOD: 1.Etap Ring Metro is the ring subway route that will be formed by passing the 65-70 Km to the west from both sides of the bay and passing over the Bay Bridge after reaching Gebze.


It is possible to design railway lines according to various load classes. In order to examine the feasibility of the railway line to be constructed on the Bay Bridge, similar bridges should be examined.

In Japan, there are many suspension bridges made in China, or pass through the railway. Railways and subway lines pass through the bridges for the highway connecting the new airport in Hang Kong. The largest of these bridges, the Tisingma Bridge is a bridge with a main opening of 1400 m.

The main span that will connect Italy to Sicily is 3300 m. The Messina Bridge will be the world's largest bridge; With a platform width of 60 m, it will be the widest bridge in its branch. 12 traffic lines have been planned on the bridge; It is planned to be 2 × 4 lane road vehicles, 2 × 1 lane public transport lane and 2 × 1 lane railway line. It is planned to make 200 trains a day from the railway line.

Due to the fact that there is a railway on the Messina Bridge and there is not enough passage of vehicles (around 10.000); In the financing of the project, the state realizes the project with a common structure established by the state% 40 and the special consortium by% 60.
As can be seen from the above two examples; it is possible to pass the railway line through any kind of suspension bridge.


A railway to be built on the Bay Bridge is of great importance in terms of combining the economic and socially important cities of our country when it is viewed in the hinterland.

If there is no rail system on the Bay Bridge; it is not possible to create a rail system in this section. in terms of the development of the railway system, which will affect economic activities in Turkey's future 50 years, passing over the Bay Bridge route of the railway it is of great importance.

In terms of shaping the future of the railway system in our country, it is not correct to consider the issue of the railway passing through the Bay Bridge only in terms of the tender conditions and the financing of the Build-Operate-Transfer system.
Costs associated with the increase of the rail system on the bridge of importance in terms of public benefit for Turkey's future, arrive to be aware of the economic and social benefits, again; The inclusion of Istanbul-Izmir Motorway Project is an inevitable necessity.

The route of the high-speed train project between Ankara and Istanbul and the line passing through the Gulf Bridge, which will shorten the line 50-55 km

The route of the high-speed train project between Ankara and Istanbul and the line passing through the Gulf Bridge, which will shorten the line 50-55 km

The proposed High Speed ​​Train Line to be installed on the 2.5 hour between Istanbul and Izmir

Izmit Bay Ring Metro General Plan, which will be around 105 Km

Izmit Bay Ring Metro 37, which will be in the vicinity of 1750 Km and will pass the Gulf of Izmit with an 1 m structure. Stage Project

65 of the Ring Bay of Izmit Bay, which will be around 70-2 Km and will pass over the Bay Bridge. Stage Project

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