Metrobüste bomb panic (Video)

Metrobüste bomb panic: Fikirtepe stop a drop in the vehicle by a passenger in the metrobüste break, the police in Istanbul was alarmed. Passengers caught the bag that they allegedly left the police handed over to the police, the bomb disposal teams in the bag was examined.

Fikirtepe metrobus stop was taken to the police corridor, passengers were closed to the entrance.

While the paperwork came out of the bag with a comfortable breath, it turned out that the person who the passengers delivered to the police had nothing to do with the incident.

Kadıköy At Fikirtepe metrobus stop, a person leaving a suspicious bag inside the vehicle caused a panic. The escaped person was captured by the passengers and handed over to the police.

After the examination of the bomb experts wearing special clothing, documents came out of the bag. Then, both metrobus and vehicle roads were opened to traffic.

Meanwhile, it was learned that the detained person had nothing to do with the suspicious bag. It was reported that the person was released.



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