Kartalkaya Season Opened Without Opening

Kartalkaya Season Expires Before Opening: While the snow thickness reaches 10 centimeters in Bolu, Kartalkaya plans to open the season on December 5th. Those who came to the ski resort with their children made snowmen and enjoyed playing snowballs.

The snow thickness has reached 3 centimeters as a result of snowfall, which has been effective at intervals since 10 days in Kartalkaya at the summit of Köroğlu Mountains. The hotels, which have completed their preparations for the season, decided to open the season on December 5 due to snow forecast in the coming days. Those who heard the snow came to the ski resort with their children.

Holidaymakers made snowmen with their children and played snowballs. Sarıalan Plateau on Kartalkaya road was also filled with visitors. Those who walk among the snow-covered pines on the road to Kartalkaya have taken souvenir photos. The beauty of the snow-covered pine forests of Sarıalan Plateau and grazing of sheep and goats on the plateau created postcard images.