How many olive trees were cut for Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway construction

How many olive trees were cut for the construction of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway: Tanrıkulu with the CHP asked 'Did the 200 thousand olive trees be cut for the construction of the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir highway? İstanbul.
CHP Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu asked Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu if the olive trees under the 25 were not accepted as olive groves and abandoned the bill, which envisages opening to mining, energy and construction projects. Tanrikulu, "What is the number of olive trees were destroyed in Turkey?" He asked in the question to be answered.
16 June 2014'da presented to the Parliament under the 25 olive fields as olive groves, mining, energy and construction projects that envisage the opening of the draft law is not in accordance with the interests of our country, Tanrıkulu CHP, Davutoglu, the Parliament asked the question of the Parliament to answer the question . Tanrıkulu, 10 November 2014 after the Council of Ministers meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and the Government Sözcüs Bulent Arinc "in some regions in Turkey have been on all sides of olive plantations for his support of our government. The mountain is filled with stone olive trees. But also Turkey's energy needs. The trouble with olive fields is not only about the construction of a thermal power plant. Gemlik district of Bursa is the first region earthquake location, our government wants to make housing in points that have a strong structure to have a safer structure. The only area for rebuilding Gemlik is the olive fields. But when you build Gemlik again, there are some areas of inefficient olive farms, e he recalled.
Tanrıkulu, tam What is the exact number of the olive trees that have been destroyed so far for the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir (Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Build-Operate-Transfer Project Tan? 2004 - 2013 years by the Council of Ministers issued "urgent expropriation" with the decision of what is the number of destroyed olive trees in Turkey? How many olive trees will be destroyed for the housing project to be built by Gemlik and TOKI? Which companies or companies will partner with TOKI in that project? Energy and Natural Resources Ministry prepared and Council of Ministers 05 May 2014 historic, as decided Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed with 16 June xnumx't the "Electricity Market olive growing with the Law on Rehabilitation and Aşılattırıl of the Wild" presented to the head of Turkey Grand National Assembly 2014 turning the draft law on the opening of the olive fields underneath it is not accepted as olive groves and opened to mining, energy and construction projects. has the law completely been abandoned? ıyla he asked.
Tanrıkulu continued:
"The average size of the olive groves in Turkey are turning 10; He said the bill had been entered into force, or almost all olive groves in Turkey if the entry into force of the 50 percent - the front part of the destruction of xnumx'lık would be opened or opened; in this case 60 with signature Recep Tayyip Erdogan June xnumx't to Turkey to mining by accepting the olive groves of the Grand National Assembly presented 16 under the olive fields of turning, energy, and our country, the draft law envisages the opening of the construction project is obvious that serve the interests; then he said that the draft law in its true light, prepared to serve the interests of other words which lobby to lobby or to obtain annuity, and who were submitted to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey? "
On the other hand, Deputy Chairman of the CHP and Istanbul Deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has asked another to respond with another question. Tanrıkulu asked, sayg Is a police force aiming to comply with the AKP mentality and instructions instead of raising an impartial and lawful police? Tan asked.
CHP Deputy Chairman and Istanbul Deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu criticized the new security bill, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun the Parliamentary Presidency of the question submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament, ı the new security law with the AKP to open a field of employment for their cadres want to open? Is it aimed at a police force that will act in accordance with the AKP's mentality and instructions, rather than raising an impartial and lawful police? What is the rationale for the closure of the police academy that teaches the world? Will the financial resources spent on the closure of the faculty of security units at the police academy go to waste? What is the reason for the closure of police vocational schools? Is there any scientific research on how the closure of police vocational schools will affect the security of our country? Republic of Turkey accountable before the law rules of the Police and instead of serving to citizens, the staff against citizens and will create almost of forming the serve AKP sturdy to return to the idea? "She asked.

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