Dangerous Journey of Little Students on Train Tracks

Dangerous Journey of the Little Students on the Train Tracks: Tens of students who study at the primary school in ADANA take the death and cross the train tracks in order to shorten the school road by 2 kilometers.

Students who are educated at Petrol Ofisi Primary School in Cemalpaşa District of Central Seyhan District pass through train tracks every day and come to school. Students who live in Ziyapaşa District, shorten their path by about 2 kilometers by going through the train tracks that do not have any security precautions to go to their schools in Cemalpaşa District. Parents accompany their children as they pass the tracks. Stating that they shorten the way to school in this way, the parents said, “The school is very close to our home, but there is no road. Either we will use Mustafa Kemalpaşa Boulevard and cross the Gülek Bridge and extend our road for 2 kilometers or we will settle for this journey. We applied here for overpassing, but it was said to be inappropriate. We also continue to use it. We bring our children to ourselves to prevent accidents and stay under the train. ”

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