3. The bridge travels around the world three times

  1. The bridge travels around the world three times: Approximately 6500 percent of the construction of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, in which 40 people worked, has been completed.

The total length of the wires to be used in the cables on the bridge is 120 a thousand kilometers cak

Approximately 40 percent of the works have been completed on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the third bridge of the Bosphorus. The towers of the bridge exceeded 2 meters on both sides. The towers will reach a height of 300 meters with steel panels to be placed on the saddle to which the main cables will be connected.

In the main clearance section of the bridge, the installation of high capacity giant cranes to be used to lift the steel towers of the 870 tonnes from the sea is going on. The total length of the high-strength wires to be used in the cables located on the bridge will be the length of the 120 to be around the world for a thousand kilometers.


According to the news of Hasan Ay from Sabah; On May 29, 2013, IC İçtaş-Astaldi JV started its construction with the build and transfer model, and the departure and arrival and railway lanes at the approach viaduct of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge started to become clear.

A total of 700 personnel, 6 of which are engineers, work in the project, including the Northern Marmara Motorway section. Within the scope of the project, in addition to the suspension bridge with the world's tallest tower with a height of 500 meters, Europe's largest drilling tunnel with a diameter of 322 meters is also being constructed. The connection of approach viaducts that provide land connection with the bridge towers is also about to be completed.

As part of the project, the construction of the 64 viaduct was underway and the towers of the bridge were reached.


While the towers on each 2 side pass the 300 meter, the construction of the last reinforced concrete slab of 1.5 meters within the 4.6 month continues. 2 24 clock on the basis of a total of 300 people worked on the tower construction. Tower saddles will be placed on the last concrete slab. After the operation of the tower interconnection, the installation of oblique suspension ropes and steel slabs will be started. The total length of the high-strength wires to be used in the cables located on the bridge will be around 120 for a period of one thousand kilometers. The project, which has been completed at a rate of approximately 3, will be taken to an important stage with the new year.

In January 2015, steel decks that vehicles will pass over will begin to be installed on the bridge. On-site installation of giant cranes with a lifting capacity of 900 tons to be used in the lifting and placing of the decks from the sea has started.

With the cranes called Derrick Crane, 2 combines the continents and each of them will be placed on the bridge, which weighs 870. The decks will be brought to the bridge by sea. The 59 of the 42 deck will be removed with the help of these giant cranes. 2 will be placed on the tables by hand. The lifting operation of only one steel deck will take days.

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