New 3rd Airport Viewed from the Sky

3. Airport
3. Airport

'3. airport 'viewed from the sky. Village residents also said that they could not sleep because of the work in the area where intensive work was observed.

The third airport, which is under construction in Yeniköy on the Black Sea coast, has caused controversy recently due to its location. On the corner of journalist Fatih Altaylı, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responded harshly about the allegations that "the companies that awarded the tender are about to give up the construction of the third airport". The biggest airport construction in the world, which is the subject of controversy, was viewed by the UAV camera from the sky.

The work carried out in the field, which includes the 6 bin 173 hectare forest area, is in progress. Some of the ponds formed by the old mines, which are the subject of discussions, are filled with rain water, and the work of some lakes and ponds is continuing. While filling and drilling works are carried out in the area, hundreds of excavation trucks are attracting attention.


The residents of Yeniköy Mahallesi also said that they were satisfied with the work. Stating that the work is accelerating, Hayati Doyday (55) said, “We see the trucks passing through our road, they work brisk day and night. We cannot sleep, we are sleepless, we are sleepless. ”


The 3rd airport is expected to be one of the largest airports in the world, with an annual passenger capacity of 150 million when its construction is completed. At the airport, 16 taxiways, a 500 million square meter apron with a capacity of 6.5 aircraft parking, an honor hall, cargo and general aviation terminal, 165 passenger bridges, 4 separate terminal buildings where the transportation between the terminals is made by rail system, 3 technical blocks and air traffic control tower, 8 The control tower will have 6 separate runways suitable for all types of aircraft. The project will also include facilities such as a state guest house, an open and closed car park with a capacity of 70 vehicles, an aviation medical center, hotels, fire brigade and garage center.

The amount of Iron and Steel to be used in the construction of the airport is expected to reach 350 thousand tons, the aluminum material to 10 thousand tons and the glass to 415 thousand square meters. The construction of the airport will be completed in 4 stage. The project is planned to be completed at the end of 10, which is expected to cost 247 billion 2018 million euros.

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