3. the airport is our must

  1. The airport is our sine qua non: 3. The airport is our sine qua non. Every Turkish citizen should be proud and honored, 'he said.
    Lütfi Elvan, who also visited the passengers of THY's flight to Geneva at the opening of the Atatürk Airport Apron, which was attended by DHMİ General Manager Orhan Birdal and THY General Manager Temel Kotil, especially asked the journalists about the 3rd Airport. He replied: "the growth rate of the aviation sector in the double-digit figures in Turkey. If we say that we will continue with this growth, which all the studies and data show, it is our must-have 3rd Airport. We have to do this. The construction of this airport does not mean that Atatürk Airport will remain idle. Because, now available in a region where Turkey is at a maximum level of air traffic. This density is slowly shifting from west to east. It is currently the region with the highest density in the world.
    Each of our citizens 3 the Republic of Turkey. You must be proud of the airport. It is an investment that every non-governmental organization, media organization and each individual member of this country will be proud of. The first question we asked of us on our overseas trip is: '3. What is the situation at the airport? '. So 3. The airport is not for us. Come on, instead of the airport. Those who saw it saw. It's in a swamp. Tens of pits. For years, there was coal mining. Who's been up to this day? Which one of you reacted? Who reacted? They were carved for years. It was turned into a swamp. Here we offer this swamp for the benefit of this country. This is what we do. Many places cannot be entered. This is both our Turkey, as well as an aerodrome will be presented to all the world's service.
    The location of the airport will not be changed. I'm very curious about what's written. If they really love this country so much, I say very sincerely, if they want to say something to the good of this country, they should be behind this airport. I'm having a hard time believing that. You are building the world's largest airfield, while building this airport, you're doing a dime in the state safe deposit box, and every year 1 billion euros, so 3 billion pounds, you put money in the state's money, although it is being challenged. There is also no problem in finance.
    Channel Istanbul with 3. You asked about the relationship between the airport. Current current arrangement The airport will be constructed without the use of material from Kanal İstanbul


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