Bosphorus view from the feet of the 3rd bridge

  1. Bosphorus view from the feet of the bridge: The 3-meter feet of the 322rd Bosphorus Bridge, which is under construction between Sarıyer Garipçe Village on the north of ISTANBUL Strait and Beykoz Poyrazköy on the Anatolian side, have been completed. The view of the Bosphorus, which was taken from the tower crane used in the construction of the feet and shared on social media, amazed the viewers.

Bosphorus Bridge, which was commissioned in 1973 in the Bosphorus, and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, completed in 1988, were completed in 10 year 2 year 20 with 3 daily investment + operating period under the build-operate-transfer model. 322 feet of 115 meter high feet have been completed recently by Astaldi SPA. Approximately 6 km-long highway and connection roads, viaducts, motorway bridges and tunnels are located in the scope of the project and about 500 thousand 59 people work in the construction of the third Bosphorus Bridge. If it is completed, 1408 will have the world's largest suspension bridge, 322 meter length and the longest suspension bridge in the world with 322 meter width and XNUMX meter height and XNUMX meter height will be the world's longest tower. In the scope of the project, a tower that was used in the construction of the third bridge, which is also the subject of frequent debates, withdrew from a tower crane and the photographs shared on the social networking site revealed the final version of the feet. The views of the Bosphorus from the XNUMX met with spectacular views.

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