3. Bosphorus Bridge Towers Completed

  1. Bosphorus Bridge Towers Completed: 3. Bosphorus Bridge and North Marmara Highway Project is completed concrete bridge construction of bridge towers. 322 meters (296.6 meter elevation) reached the height of the 304.6 meter towers.

European Side Bridge Tower Chief, 3. He stated that the Bosphorus Bridge would be the longest bridge in the world with both hanging and curved suspension systems and explained the progress achieved in the works. European Side Bridge Tower chief, X 29 2013 304.6 at the groundbreaking ceremony began the construction of towers now reached the height of the 1.5 meter. The thickness of the concrete, starting from 208 meters on the bridge foundation, was constantly decreasing and the 1 meter was at the 208 meter elevation in accordance with the design. We rose before the bridge, and after the 300 meter level, the climbing system was started. Around 304 people worked in day and night shifts on the towers. 6 with automatic climbing mold at the last point. XNUMX meter was reached. X


In the scope of the project, the last constructions of the bridge towers were poured and the climbing dies were removed. According to the next work schedule, connecting elements will be placed for steel tower saddles to be placed at the top of the bridge towers. European Side Bridge Tower chief, göm In the meantime, buried elements were placed in the concrete where the tower interconnections will be mounted during the climbing operation. After the saddles are placed on the top of the bridge towers, we will start to assemble the main ropes. Köprü On the other hand, 3. The paving works initiated on the European bridge of the bridge route are also continuing at full speed.

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