3. Reinforced Concrete Production in Bosphorus Bridge Towers Completed

  1. Reinforced Concrete Manufacturing Completed in Bosphorus Bridge Towers: 3. In the Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project, the reinforced concrete production of the bridge towers has been completed. The height of the bridge towers, which are 322 meters high, reached 296.6 meters (304.6 meters elevation).
    European Side Bridge Tower chief stated that the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge will be the longest bridge in the world with both suspended and inclined suspension systems and explained the stage reached in the works. European Side Bridge Tower chief said, “We have reached the level of 29 meters in the towers whose construction started with the groundbreaking ceremony on 2013 May 304.6. The concrete thickness starting from 1.5 meters on the bridge foundation has narrowed continuously and became 208 meter at 1 meters in accordance with the design made. We first climbed on the bridge with a sliding form, and after 208 meters of elevation, a climbing formwork system was introduced. Approximately 300 people worked in the towers day and night shifts. At the last point reached, 304. 6 meters of elevation has been reached with the automatic climbing mold. ”
    Within the scope of the project, the final concretes of the bridge towers were poured and the climbing molds were removed. According to the next work schedule, fasteners will be placed for the steel tower saddles to be placed at the top of the bridge towers. European Side Bridge Tower chief said, “Meanwhile, during the climbing and molding work, buried elements to which the tower interconnections will be mounted were placed in the concrete. After the saddles are placed on the top of the bridge towers, we will start assembling the main ropes ”. On the other hand, asphalting works started on the European flow of the 3rd bridge route continue at full speed.




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