20 million 1 Euro annually 500 savings on the metro with economical driving

20 million 1 Euro savings per year on the 500 mileage with economical driving: It is reported that the economical driving method to be applied within the scope of Automatic Train Operation (ATO) in Istanbul between metro lines can save up to 14 by normal driving.

-İstanbul Technical University Faculty Member Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez:
”Thanks to this application, 20 million 1 thousand Euro savings will be achieved annually in a metro line of full capacity working 500 kilometers.

Among the subway lines in Istanbul, it will be possible to save up to 14 according to normal driving with the economic driving method to be applied within the scope of Automatic Train Operation (ATO).
As a result of the studies carried out to create awareness of the environment and savings, it was noted that the economic driving method will be realized with less energy consumption without significant changes in the journey time.
This new system is becoming more and more important in urban journeys. kazanStating that it will provide significant savings in metros, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Rail Systems Engineering Department Head Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez said, “Work has started to expand this practice in other cities in Turkey. Thanks to the application, a yearly saving of 20 million 1 thousand Euros will be achieved from traction energy in a metro line of approximately 500 kilometers operating at full capacity.
The field measurements for the application of the method in the real system gave positive results. Dr. Not to mention, although the number of locomotives or wagons is not changed, according to the current results, 10 and the reduction in the rate of saving 14 and the same amount of drew attention. The savings rate can reach up to XNUMXs, he said.

- ”Life Cycle Cost“ -

He stated that the studies on reducing energy consumption and saving are not limited to this. Dr. Not to mention, especially nowadays, in the procurement of vehicles in administrations karar Life Cycle Cost enerji within the scope of the vehicles to be purchased, energy consumption costs in the tender decision-making process was included in the importance of studies to include.
Professor Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, continued as follows:
. In our analysis, we have determined that 10 increase in 7 increase in 8 by 7. Therefore, a vehicle with a lower initial purchase cost but a heavier 8-XNUMX tone may not cost as much as it is thought. Therefore, the energy consumption per kilometer on the line to be used must be stated in the bid process. In addition, in case of failure to provide the specified ratio, a criminal sanction will ensure the production and use of environmentally friendly vehicles. Oran
Professor Dr. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, within the scope of a doctoral study conducted at ITU, stated that researches were carried out to ensure that metros are determined in the best way in terms of energy consumption starting from the establishment stage.

-İstanbul MetroRail Forum and Exhibition-

Istanbul MetroRail Forum and Exhibition will be organized with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Istanbul Transportation Inc., Tunneling Association Metro Working Group, Trade Twinning Association and Infrastructure and Trenchless Technologies Association in Istanbul, 9-10 April 2015. Underlining that the 2020 billion Euro metro investment is extremely important for Istanbul until the year of 10, Söylemez said that the forum will shed light on environmental, fast, disabled friendly, integrated and sustainable metro investments and the main contractors and administrations during the forum with many subcontractors and suppliers. he said that they will have the opportunity to exchange information about the latest developments on the subject.

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