The historical plane trees saved the walking trail


Historic Plane Trees Rescued the Walkway: During the October Assembly of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, issues that closely related our city were discussed, no doubt.

However, Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu listed the benefits of being a metropolitan municipality.

The metropolitan municipality undertook the city's planning as the major tasks were the task of the metropolitan city and the district municipalities should meet the daily needs of the citizen, in other words they should do daily tasks.

He also stated that KOMEK should be under the responsibility of district municipalities gradually. He also stated that they prepared a strategic plan and the traffic of our city would be relieved in 2023. President Karaosmanoğlu said that the traffic problem of our city is not very new and this is the third period in the office where President Karaosmanoğlu is also.

This is why we have to wait until 2023 to solve this problem, so it is possible to confuse this, and I wish it would end at that date.

Light rail systems were started to be talked in this city long before the arrival of this city and we have already made plans since 2006, at least we knew that especially in the past months, the plans of light rail systems were completed and their routes were drawn.

In fact, we left behind the discussions as soon as the tram passed through the Walkway, and the authorities kept saying that the light rail systems would move through the Walkway, but neither the footpath nor the environment would be adversely affected. During this time, the opposition did not remain idle, they set up agendas that there were no traces of the Walking Path, and Ak Parti İl Başkam Mahmut Civelek, who evaluated the opposition's statements about 7 months ago, said, “The opposition is giving false information about the tram.

With the technical work carried out so far, the tram will pass through the middle of the Walkway. Here we will make the decision with our people.

As said here, nobody has to worry about where the road is narrowing and where people will walk. ” Adding that the Walking Path is 7 meters, Civelek added, “Both streets will be closed with the tram passing on the walking path.

The road will be 28 meters after these two streets are closed. Even if 7 meters is used for the tram, it will be 21 meters of walking path. ”My tram clearly stated that he would pass through this region.

However, almost every 7 months after this conversation, whatever happened, the tram's route was suddenly changed again. Mayor Karaosmanoğlu announced that the route of the tram has changed with the thought that the historical plane trees on the Walkway will be damaged.

In other words, if we say that the plans that have been bent on for 6 years burst and suddenly, we would not be wrong. Not only that, President Karaosmanoğlu said, “In 2023, people will come to our city and people will make transportation in a system as comfortable as blood circulation.

Those who come to our city will not have transportation problems. ” But for some reason these statements of the president did not relieve us at all.

After all, if a plan is produced every 6 years and this plan becomes interchangeable after 6 years in this city. It is also a dream that the traffic ordeal will end in 2023.

I think for a while we will be exhibited trams attached to triple sockets in our city ..

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