Malatya wagon factory on the agenda

Malatya wagon factory waiting for half a century is on the agenda: In the waiting position of the wagon factory in Malatya waiting for the 15 free of charge even by renting free, was asked to contribute to employment.

Malatya Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit Surety Cooperative (ESKKK) Chairman Ali Evren, in his written statement on the subject, ES Malatya Economy should be revived due to being a Metropolitan. Çükü Malatya should be removed from the fact that it is the economy of the village every year.

In 2014, apricot did not completely disappear and in other years there will be such problems. Because there is climate change all over the world. Other fruit varieties should be given importance to our farmers in the Ministry of Agriculture. The contribution of apricot to the Malatya economy is approximately 40-45 percent.

Nowadays, Mr. Prime Minister visited our wagon repair factory in his speeches. Here's my call. Bozlu Holding aims to work for the establishment of a wagon repair factory in Eskişehir. The carriages of railroad cars will be maintained here and abroad. First, 500 will employ people close to the person. 40 is working on a factory area of ​​1,000 square meters. Here are the factory buildings located here and still empty 6 wagon repair factory with buildings located in 72 thousand square meters closed area ready 120 thousand square meters of land ready call to MPs to establish a committee Governorship, Municipalities Non-governmental organizations invite this company here X used expressions.

"Let's let this wagon repair factory be rented for 15 years free of charge, by placing our hands under the stone, let us make it work," said Evren.

“Food is not given to a child who does not cry. Let's open the way to the economy of Malatya. Our industrialists, tradesmen and craftsmen are ready to make parts for factories in every aspect of science and technology. Because our people, let alone say that it should be done, let's reduce the unemployment of our city. With an engine factory established in Konya, it is not possible to prevent the economy of the ratio from now on. Let's not miss this opportunity. If we rent this place for free to this company, it will benefit us more in the future. ”

The Malatya Wagon Factory building has been idle for about half a century.

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