Unal: Transport investments are under strict follow-up

Unal: Transportation investments are under strict follow-up. Upon the invitation of the Group Deputy Chairman Mahir Ünal, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, who came to Kahramanmaraş last month, attended the event. Transportation issues on the agenda of the workshop feet of Highways, Turkey tabled at the meeting held in the Grand National Assembly.
AK Party Group Deputy Chairman and Kahramanmaraş Deputy Mahir Unal, ongoing and projected work on the planning phase of a detailed meeting on investments in the planning, stating that the transportation investments are strictly followed.
Unal, Çarşamba Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Kahramanmaraş Transport Workshop was held. In the workshop where the transportation and communication problems of Kahramanmaraş province were discussed, the ongoing and projected works and the investments in the planning stage were examined one by one and the ongoing investments were seen on the site and the necessary investigations were made. II. Transportation issues on the agenda at the foot of Highways Workshop, October 17 2014 Thursday in the meetings that took place in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey has been tabled. The meeting was attended by deputies Nevzat Pakdil, Mehmet Yıldırım Ramazanoğlu and Sıtkı Güvenç, together with the General Director of Highways, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Highways 16. Regional Director Necati Çakıroğlu and Highways bureaucrats participated ı.
The meeting lasted near 2 hours and was very productive. Unal continued the project in Kahramanmaraş.
Kahramanmaraş City Crossing: UM The 16,5 kilometer of our way, which provides service in divided road standards with a total length of 14,5 kilometers, is BSK. 3 The court decision on the jurisdiction of the road planned to be crossed with junction junction was concluded on 23 August 2014 and the works were resumed on 01 September 2014. It is planned to complete the university junction until the end of the year. Yıl
Kahramanmaraş-Göksun Road: Sıcak By the end of the year 2014 8 kilometers (between Tekir-Karagöz Mah.) BSK (Bituminous Hot Mix) is aimed to be completed. As of now, the 5 mileage has been completed. After the completion of the electromechanical operations of 3 km tunnels after the Karagöz Junction where the 2 tunnels and 6 pieces of viaducts are completed, the excavation and concrete covering works will be opened to traffic in 6 year after the completion of the electromechanical operations of the 2015 km tunnels.
Kahramanmaraş-Elbistan Road: yolu The project works of the road including the 6 kilometer Afşin connection road have been completed and work will be started rapidly after the tender phase. Kahraman
Kahramanmaraş-Türkoğlu-Nurdağı Road: olan The 48 kilometer part of this road, which is the whole divided road with a length of 20 kilometers, between Kahramanmaras and Turkestan, will be started in 2015 at the end of the tender stage and at the end of the construction of junctions and construction as BSK. Kahraman
Kahramanmaras-Caglayancerit Yolu: “The length of the road is 53 km. The project works are carried out by the General Directorate of Highways and 2015 is planned to be awarded in April. Mal
Kahramanmaraş-Göksun Road Separation (Süleymanlı Provincial Highway): lı The 25 kilometer of the 4 kilometer-long road has been completed. Works are continued and negotiations on the demand for appropriation for tender and yellow expenditures were made.

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