UK Sells Eurostar Shares


Britain sells its shares in Eurostar: Britain has found the solution to combat the financial crisis in selling its share in the Channel Tunnel. The British government decided to sell its own 40 share of the railway line connecting France and England with the English Channel.

The decision of the government of Prime Minister David Cameron in the framework of the privatization plan at 2013 aims to provide a revenue of around 380 million (300 million pounds).

Lar It's just financial assets. The ability of these shares to change hands from a good value will help us reduce our budget deficit and use financial flexibility. With this flexibility, we will be able to allocate funds to the infrastructure that needs public investments. Sayesinde

The 55 of the Eurostar company, which operates the high-speed train line between Paris, London and Brussels, is owned by the French, while the 5 belongs to the Belgian railway. As of next year, Eurostar will have lost its monopoly in the tunnel. The German railway company Deutsche Bahn also gained the right to use the railway line for passenger transportation.

The UK's budget deficit is nearing a record level of 220 billion pounds. This also corresponds to the 12 of the gross domestic product.

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