5 163 per year for the first eye pain of Turkish automotive history

Turkish Automotive History The first Eye Pain to 5 years 163 Visitors: Eskişehir Railway factories in the era of President Cemal Gursel's instructions produced in 1961, Turkey's first indigenous car "Revolution", Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ (TÜLOMSAŞ) exhibited the area 5 thousand people visited it in 163 years.
On the instructions of President Gürsel, the Devrim, which was produced locally in 4,5 months in TÜLOMSAŞ, which was called Eskişehir Railway Factories at that time, except for tires and front and rear windows, was taken to Ankara in 1961 by train.
Period railway laws need less fuel put into the tank "Revolution", stopped by peter out when Gürsel's first test in order to use domestic goods production of cars in Turkey fell to the imaginary water.
Devrim, which draws attention with its features such as the exhaust pipe on the side, the high and low headlights running with the foot, the ignition key and manual operation, was brought from Ankara to Eskişehir by train after the unfortunate event. The Revolution, with a chassis of 0002 and engine number 0002, a weight of 250 kilograms and a maximum speedometer of 140 kilometers per hour, was used in the factory for a while after this misfortune.
For security reasons, gasoline is not put into the fuel tank of Devrim, which is exhibited in the garden of the factory where it has been manufactured for about 15 years and whose documentary and motion picture was shot. Devrim, which is the first eye pain in the history of Turkish automobiles, was last presented to the impression at the Industry and Trade Fair held in Bursa in 2005.
High Speed ​​Train (YHT) services between Eskişehir-Ankara, Eskişehir-Istanbul and touristic tours organized to the city also increased the interest in Devrim. Revolution was visited by 2010 thousand people in 31, 2011 thousand in 30, 2012 thousand in 34, 2013 thousand in 35, and 2014 thousand in the first 10 months of 33.
Domestic and foreign tourists coming to Eskişehir also have a souvenir photo taken with the Revolution, which is kept in a special glass pane prepared for him in TÜLOMSAŞ. TÜLOMSAŞ officials and visitors are informed about the automobile with LCD screens in the exhibition area.

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