Tülomsaş and General Electric increase speed on the train

Tulomsas and General Electric cooperation increases the speed of the train Tulomsaş with General-producing factory in Eskisehir TCDD freight locomotive Electric (GE) has revised plans for Turkey. The company will multiply its investment with the sale of locomotives to the private sector

With the opening of the sales of locomotives to the private sector, the market started to move. Mining and logistics companies, especially those carrying heavy loads, who want to buy their own locomotive to reduce transportation costs, will also expand the market. General Electric (GE) Transportation Europe, Middle East, North Africa President Gökhan Bayhan, after opening the front of the locomotive sales to the private sector said that GE's decision to invest more in Turkey. Bayhan said, “The demand for the locomotive from the private sector is very high. As the demand comes, we will increase the production. ” In 2015 they produced for TCDD along with the end of the Tulomsas 20 locomotives of all delivered meat is that they will depicting Bayhan gold, "the gear with the Government's 2023 plan, plans, we decided to invest more in Turkey for the match," he said.

Underlining that their 20-year cooperation with GE especially created a business for the supplier industry, Tülomsaş General Manager Hayri Avcı said, “In this way, our supplier industrialist becomes the supplier industrialist of GE by increasing its quality standards. On the one hand, the way to export to the USA has been opened. ” Underlining that as of 2015, the locomotive purchase specifications of institutions will start to appear, Avcı said, “We will produce locomotives. Our capacity is sufficient. A serious market will emerge and we will evaluate this potential. Our Eskişehir factory is strong enough to produce 200 locomotives when needed. ” Emphasizing that rail transport is aimed to increase from 5 percent to 20 percent, Avcı said that this will significantly reduce costs.

Power Haul, the locomotive produced by GE with Tülomsaş in Eskişehir, was also exhibited at the InnoTrans Fair. The locomotive, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 18 percent, has a high traction power and low carbon emissions. The first five locomotives delivered to TCDD will be used in first-Bilecik-Eskişehir-Ankara line, then will travel to Turkey Afyon. The bilateral, which signed a strategic partnership agreement in 5, plans to extend their cooperation with the growing market.

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