TÜDEMSAŞ 75 has produced over a thousand wagons in a year

TÜDEMSAŞ has produced more than 75 thousand wagons in 21 years: TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Koçarslan said, "With the maintenance-repair and revision of more than 341 thousand freight wagons in our company, more than 21 thousand new freight wagons have been produced since its establishment."

Turkey Railway Machines Industry Corporation (TÜDEMSAŞ) General Manager Yildiray Koçarsl, the company reported that produces more than a thousand freight cars 21 far from the establishment.

Koçarslan, who came together with the press members working in the city within the scope of the 75th anniversary of TÜDEMSAŞ's foundation, gave information about the activities of the company.

Expressing that TÜDEMSAŞ, which was established in 1939 under the name of “Sivas Cer Atölyesi”, is renewing itself day by day, Koçarslan said, “Our company operates on an area of ​​110 thousand 418 square meters, of which approximately 626 thousand square meters are closed. Its capital is 180 million lira and it is fully owned by TCDD General Directorate. With the maintenance, repair and revision of more than 341 thousand freight wagons since its establishment, more than 21 thousand new freight wagons have been produced in our company ”.

Koçarslan stated that TÜDEMSAŞ manufactures different types of freight wagons required by TCDD General Directorate and the private sector in accordance with the International Railways Union standards, and that these wagons are maintained, repaired and revised.

Emphasizing that TÜDEMSAŞ has increased its production program for TCDD, the parent company, every year, Koçarslan said:

“Our wagon production, which was 2011 in 400, was 2012 in 480. Our production program, which was planned to be 2013 in 475, was increased to 630 and 100 percent realization was achieved. Our 2014 production program consists of 5 wagons in 552 different types, two of which are prototypes. While the number of freight wagons that we have maintained, repaired and revised was 2013 in 2, our program this year is targeted as 200 wagons with an increase of 36,8 percent. We are capable of producing 3 types of freight cars. Among these, the Aluminum Sliding Wall Covered Freight Wagons (Habis Wagon, Hibbillnss Wagon), which we have built recently and widely used in our country and Europe, which are called 'new generation freight wagons', and the Falns type ore wagon and Sgss type freight widely used in container transportation. can be counted wagon. In addition, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TULOMSAS), Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) and the private sector, belonging to TCDD, the country needed bumper repaired railroad cars on all services and the region in general, leaf spring, brake cylinders, brake air Many spare parts used in railways such as hoses are produced by our company. "

Expressing that the most important target of TÜDEMSAŞ in terms of the region is the establishment of the railway sub-industry for the production of sub-components of railway vehicles in Sivas and its surroundings, Koçarslan said, “The formation of such a sub-industry throughout the country, starting from our region, is very important for our country's 2023 railway targets. The formation of this subsidiary industry and the increasing number of private sector organizations involved in it means that our country will take a more active place in the global railway sector in the future, ”he said.

Yıldıray Koçarslan stated that TÜDEMSAŞ employs 291 personnel, and that this number reaches 2 people, with subcontracted workers and those working in companies that get jobs from the company through tender.

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