Name Polemic in Göksun Tunnels

Name Controversy in Göksun Tunnel: Göksun district of Kahramanmaras in Turkey and the ongoing construction of the longest tunnel is one of Kahramanmaras-Göksun tunnel name polemic continues.
In the town of Kahramanmaras Göksun ongoing construction and is one of Turkey's longest tunnel name tunnel Kahramanmaras-Göksun polemic continues. The reaction of the Afşin Eshab-ı Kehf Platform 'Afşin Eshab-ı Kehf' proposal came from the people of Göksun. The citizens, who met in front of the tunnel with the event they created on social media, took action to make the tunnel name “Göksun Arslanbey Tunnel”.
Kayabaşı Speaking at Actions Quarter former Muhrar Hacı Mehmet Our Cain, Transport Minister Lutfi Elvan, calling out of the tunnel's name, Göksunl and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) Period I wanted to give the Serkomis is Arslanbey of the name Maras deputies. Camuz continued his speech as follows. ”On behalf of 55 thousand Göksun residents, the names of our tunnel, which entered from the village of Arslanbey, from the gentlemen of Kahramanmaraş, and from the village of Kurucaova, lived in Fındık village of Göksun, lived between 1886-1963. we want the name of the former Deputy of Parliament, Serkomiser Arslan Toğuzata (Arslanbey) ”.
Later, citizens ended the action by writing the name of 'Göksun Arslanbey Tunnel' with spray paints at the entrance of the Tunnel.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:17

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