The boost to the scholarship caused reactions

The hike made to Bursara caused reactions: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's 100% increase in the transfer fee in public transportation caused reactions.

Public transportation in Bursa ranges from 1,75 lira to 2,2 lira. While the transfer fees were 50 kurus previously, this price was increased to one lira. The transfer fee for the student has also been increased from 35 kurus to 70 kuruş. Citizens silently reacting to the 6% increase in transfer fees, said, “People who live on minimum wage have to go to the place they want to go by transfer for 180 lira. The monthly transportation cost reaches XNUMX liras. One fourth of the minimum wage must be paid for transportation. They said, "This increase in transfer prices should be reviewed."
In Bursa, the rail system is used for a single pass for the student of 1,35 and the normal for 2 liras.

The price of the line numbered F3, which carries passengers from Budo pier to the city center from 3 TL, was also increased to 6 TL with a hundred percent increase. Opposition parties and non-governmental organizations are also expected to make a statement in the coming days regarding the hike, which is one hundred percent quiet.

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