Breathtaking drill in Uludag cable car (Photo Gallery)

Uludag breathtaking cable car in practice: One of Turkey's leading winter tourism centers stopped breathing exercises performed in the cable car line in Uludag.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was renewed by the ropeway. After the training given by afad to the ropeways, the rescue exercise cut breaths. After 3 daily theoretical and practical training, rescue operation was carried out according to the scenario. The teams who came to the poles to rescue the remaining people in the broken ropeway passed through the steel rope to the cabinets with rollers. Open the doors to save the passengers in the cabin crew, 34 rope came down from the height.

9 ropeway personnel joined the 10 Personality AFAD team. AFAD officials said that they were always ready for the disasters that may occur in our country and in our province, as well as giving free trainings to official institutions and volunteers.

The construction of the cable car is completed until the beginning of the year without cutting the tree and 186 cabin is planned to be transported to the hotels area of ​​13 thousand per day.