Republic Enthusiasm on the Cable Car (Video - Photo Gallery)

Republic Enthusiasm on Teleferik: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Teleferik A.Ş. record was broken with the campaign 'free teleferik free flag'. The average daily 2-3 used by the thousand people to climb the cable car, the Republic Day 10 thousand people carried.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's project to make the transportation to Uludag more comfortable and serial, and the voyage began the journey in June last June, the Republic Day hosted a very meaningful campaign. Bursa Teleferik Inc. 's proposal and the support of the Metropolitan Municipality' Republic Day with the Turkish Flag in the hands of the cable car free 'campaign attracted great interest from citizens. Thousands of citizens who took the Turkish flag to travel to the cable car rushed to Teferrüç Station from the early hours of the morning.


Citizens of the excitement of the excitement of the excitement of the Republic and the citizens of the turnstile from the point of the station building in front of the street created a long queue. Citizens riding the cabins in a controlled manner by the officials, the Republican enthusiasm of a free cable car journey and found the opportunity to live in the unique nature of Uludag. At the same time, a record has been broken with the intense interest of the citizens for free travel. To date, the average daily 2-3 thousand people carrying the cable car, the Republic Day 10 thousand people carried. The upper limit of the 10 bin was reached when the citizens of Uludağ were reached and the upper limit was reached by 15.00. In this way, the citizens of Uludag to avoid any problems from the descent was prevented.