The highest allowance in SOEs

the kit highest allowance Turkish Railways phot to: Development Ministry conducted 2015-2017 term investment programs of State Owned Enterprises in preparation (SOEs) among the highest appropriation proposal ceilings of 5 billion pounds of the Republic of Turkey State Railways General Directorate (TCDD) was given.

A total of 2015 billion 2017 million 2015 thousand TL for 2017, 50 billion 2015 million 11 thousand TL for 61 for SEEs with a public share of over 7 percent in the 2016-12 period investment program preparations published concurrently with the Budget Call covering the period of 154-786 For the year 2017, 13 billion 173 million 712 thousand TL appropriation offer ceilings were determined.

45 percent of the total proposal ceiling for next year's allowances was allocated to TCDD General Directorate. TCDD was allocated 2015 billion for 5, 2016 billion 12 million 154 thousand lira for 786, 2017 billion 6 million 94 thousand liras for 137.

The lowest allowance is to TETAŞ

Considering the appropriation proposal to the ceiling of 2015 billion 1 million pounds by 650, TCDD Turkey Electricity Transmission Co. (TEIAS), with 1 billion 445 million pounds Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) was followed. The lowest bid appropriations ceiling of 2 million 300 thousand pounds of kit as Turkey Electricity Trading and Contracting AŞ (TETAŞ) was separated.

Allowance ceilings of agricultural SEEs are falling over the years

When these years are analyzed, it is seen that while most of the projected SOE allocations have increased over the years, the allowance offer ceilings determined for the SEEs engaged in agricultural activities have decreased.

2015 million pounds in the 120 for the General Directorate of Tea Enterprises, while the number of 2016 110 2017 XnumX million pounds in 32 XnumX million pounds were reduced.

58 million pounds for the meat and milk institution next year the offer ceiling 2016 million pounds for the year 15 withdrew. 2015 million pounds for 160 and 2016 million pounds allowance ceiling for 167 was determined for 2017 and 158 million pounds for XNUMX year.

2015 and 2016 150 million pounds for the General Directorate of General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises in the base of the 2017 million pounds in the xNUMX million pounds withdrawn.

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