Taxi Reaction from Taxi Dolmuş

Route Response from Taxi Dolmus Tradesmen in front of Metropolitan: Tradesmen providing taxi service in the city of Edremit district of Balıkesir reacted to the entry of minibuses from the districts into the city. Taxi minibus drivers gathered in front of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality stated that the Transportation and Coordination Directorate (UKOME) decided that the minibuses coming from the district should not enter the city, but this was not followed.
Taxi minibuses, off-town minibuses in the city despite the prohibition of taking passengers, stating that the police officers also remained silent in this situation. The only purpose of the struggle for the money of bread, explaining that the driver, if the problem is not solved unpleasant events, he said.
Edremit Dolmus Carriers Cooperative members who came to Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality talked to the municipal authorities and explained their problems. Making a statement at the end of the meeting, Cooperative President Ethem Sözer said that the minibuses coming from the districts were allowed to enter the city by the Provincial Traffic Commission and the District Municipal Assembly due to the work done on the ring road in 2006. Last month, despite the decision taken by UKOME, the minibuses coming from the district did not return to their old routes despite the end of road works. Stating that a total of 57 public transport vehicles serve within the body of the cooperative, the minibuses coming from Burhaniye, Havran and Ayvalık go into the city and get on a hop-on hop-on hop-on hop-off. Due to the work done on the ring road, they were allowed to enter the city on the condition that they did not get on board, but the work on the ring road was completed. With UKOME's decision, these vehicles should now use the E87 highway and go to the bus station, but this is not done. These vehicles enter the city and take our passenger. We came here to avoid coming back from the decision. We want the Metropolitan to stand behind its decision. ” said.
The cooperative members, who claimed that the police officers did not comply with the decision taken at the UKOME, also claimed that some AK Party deputies were pressured to prevent the decision. After the announcement, the members of the cooperative, which dispersed without incident, stated that they would wait for the final decision.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:49

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