Peak Break to Teleferikle Transportation

Teleferikle Transportation Summit Breakthrough: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the work of the region of the region continues to work rapidly in December, this line is also aimed to be completed, he said.

The cable car line, which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and which started to carry passengers between Teferrüç and Sarıalan in June, will not be able to travel between 14 - 17 October for the integration with the Hotel Zone stage.

In order to provide transportation between Bursa and Uludağ, the cable car line, which started to be used in 1963 to carry millions of people to Uludağ, started its journey in June with its renewed face. With the panoramic Bursa view from Teferrüç, the cable car 13, which offers the opportunity to reach Sarıalan in the 12 minute to both the locals and the local and foreign tourists, became the most important means of transportation to Sarılan. On the other hand, the work on the stage that will bring the cable car to the Hotel Zone was accelerated. While the concrete productions are completed between Sarıalan and Oteller Area, direct assemblies continue. In order to ensure the integration of the current line with the Hotel Zone stage, the cable car cannot be operated between 14 -17 October. After the completion of the integration work, Teferrüç - Sarılan will continue its re-transportation.

Expressing that the renewed face of the ropeway opened to the transportation in June, both the locals and the domestic and foreign tourists have received great interest, Recep Mayor Altepe, said that the work in the Hotels Region stage continues at full speed. President Altepe stated that the concrete productions in the region were completed and the pole sewing work continued, and tamam the flights will be interrupted for the integration of Sarıalan station with the Hotel Zone line. We aim to complete the Hotel Zone line in December. Aralık


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