Sapanca Municipality Continues Asphalt Patch Works

Sapanca Municipality Continues Asphalt Patching Works: Asphalt paving, maintenance and repair teams of Sapanca Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continue their asphalting works in the district.
Mayor Aydın Yılmazer stated that the works were carried out to give the best service to the citizens and that the teams continued their work uninterruptedly.
Stating that the works were carried out for a more beautiful Sapanca, Yılmazer said, di We continue our patch works to improve our deteriorated roads and make maintenance works. We will have better ways when our work ends. Our works will continue without slowing down for a more livable Sapanca with well-kept, clean and decent neighborhoods, streets and streets. Bakım
Yılmazer, underlining that the asphalt works continue within the program determined according to the order of importance, stated that the works will continue in all neighborhoods of Sapanca.

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