Road repair work in Malkarada continues full throttle

Road repair work in Malkarada continues full throttle: Malkara Mayor Ulas Yurdakul, City Council Members Recai Ors and Deputy Mayor Ismail Akkaya 21 October 2014 on Tuesday at 16.00 Namik Kemal Street (Ring Road) on the asphalt road repair work By examining the site, the authorities received information about the construction of the road. While the Malkara Municipality has been repairing the roads that have been deteriorated due to the construction of the power transmission lines, sewerage and drinking water network, and the repair works carried out throughout the district, on the other hand, road repair with the vehicles coming from Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality on Namık Kemal Street (Ring Road) started to work.
The road will be prevented to break the road, asphalt on the asphalt to prevent asphalt paving vehicle with the tool of the Metropolitan Municipality of Tekirdag Malkara after the road is smoothly leveled with the vehicles of the road leveling, roll with the edge of the road border studies will be made by the border asphalt road will be made. Under the supervision of the Department of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality, Namik Kemal Street (Ring Road) will start in front of the Police Housing and work on İsmet İnönü Street until the alignment of the Turkish Kidney Foundation Kadriye-Kenan Tunalı Dialysis Center.

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