Road Marking and Strip Study in Hisarcik

Road Line and Lane Work in Hisarcık: It has been reported that the lost lines and lanes on the Emet-Hisarcık-Simav highway have started to be drawn again by the Emet 148th Branch Chief of Highways.
Highways Emet 148. It was reported that the lines and lanes that were lost on the Emet-Hisarcık-Simav highway started to be drawn again.
Highways Emet 148. Line and strip works were started with a road marking tool in order to renew the road lines lost on the Emet-Hisarcık-Simav highway and Hisarcık district center. Authorities indicated that the road line and lanes play an important role in traffic. With the studies carried out, it was aimed to make the traffic flow more suitable and to enable the citizens to move more easily within the traffic rules. Yap

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