Halkalı Customs in Fire (Video)

Halkalı Customs fire: TCDD Halkalı In the 5 storeyed warehouse located in the Logistics Department, a fire broke out due to unspecified reason. While the fire was not lost in the fire, many fire brigades were referred to the scene to extinguish the fire.

TCDD Halkalı In the 5 storeyed warehouse located in the Logistics Directorate, a fire broke out due to unknown reasons at 00.00 ranks. The fire grew in a short time, and the whole building was surrounded. A large number of firefighters were sent to the scene upon the notification of customs employees. The building burned for a long time, despite the fire-fighting efforts of the fire crews. It was observed that the central location of the building collapsed in the fire. 48 fire truck and 120 personnel intervened in the fire. Fire fire crews were taken under control by intensive work.


During the intervention, the flames under the influence of the entire building in a short time. With heavy smoke, the flames covered the sky. There were occasional explosions in the warehouse due to fire; crashes occurred in some parts of the warehouse. 2 firefighters affected by intense smoke were intervened by preemptive medical teams.


While 45 fire trucks and 120 personnel were responding to the fire, the fire truck named "Koca Yusuf" also came to the region and supported the extinguishing efforts. Firefighters during the works Halkalı It also drew water from the Küçükçekmece lake next to the Customs Directorate.


Governor of Istanbul Vasip Sahin on the night of the fire Halkalı He came to the Customs Directorate. The Governor Vasip Şahin, who obtained information from the authorities by making investigations at the scene, said, “They cannot give an exact hour; but towards 00.00:XNUMX, the fire starts while the workers are working inside. They want to intervene in the first place, but when the fire grows fast, doing something right, our workers go out. They gather in the assembly area. According to the information we have now received from company officials, there are no casualties or injuries. But unfortunately, the factory is completely burned as you can see. Our firefighters here took the necessary precautions and prevented the fire from spreading to other buildings. Cooling studies are currently underway. After detailed examination, they will determine that it is due to technical or other reasons. I say get well soon. "It is a building, a private enterprise, used by the private sector with the build, operate, transfer model within the customs area."


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Küçükçekmece, Halkalı A written statement was made about the fire that broke out in a 5-storey warehouse in the Customs Directorate area.
“The fire that broke out in the warehouse of 4 thousand m2 3 and 5 floors within the customs area was reported at 23.59. The Sefaköy detachment approaching the scene first saw the flames and asked for help from other groups. Sefaköy Platoon arrived at 00.06 and fire fighting started. Alarmed by the first information received, the Istanbul Fire Department, Sefaköy Kocasinan, Bağcılar, Gaziosmanpaşa, Şişli, Turgutreis, Seyrantepe, Başakşehir, Beyoğlu, Beylikdüzü, Bakırköy, Fatih, İstinye, Bakırköy, Kıraç, Çanta, Arnavutköy, GOP groups were dispatched to the fire zone. With the explosions that occurred in the fire that started in the area where textile and cosmetic products were stored, it grew in a short time and surrounded the whole building. 6 trucks that approached to unload goods in the warehouse were removed from the fire zone by firefighters and tow trucks. The fire was responded with Kocayusuf, Foam towers and disaster response vehicles. To meet the water needs, water was supplied from Küçükçekmece lake with the Octopus vehicle. 18 personnel and 120 vehicles from 45 fire brigade groups participated in the fire fighting activities. Water supply was made with water tankers from Çevre District Municipalities. Construction machinery, cranes and tow trucks worked from the Road Maintenance and Repair Department. The fire was controlled within two hours. The cause of the fire will be determined after investigation and examination.



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