Restructuring of the Energy and Manufacturing Sector for Export Success

Restructuring of Export Energy and Manufacturing Industries for the Success Charter: 30 September 2014 Tuesday Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the August 2014 Foreign Trade Statistics, released by In August, exports compared to August of 2013 years 2,9%, imports increased 7%. The seasonally and calendar adjusted series shows that 10,5 and 4,3 imports declined by XNUMX.

Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Department of Foreign Trade Asst. Assoc. Dr. Evolution Nevzat described Foreground found the following discussion of the data: "Data Turkey's ongoing trend in foreign trade is a long time in August shows that increasing the violence continues. Turkey's foreign trade grew faster than exports, which is always increasing, it is decreasing faster than exports, while imports decrease in time. As is known, the foreign trade deficit is the source of the current account deficit and the foreign trade deficit increased by a significant percentage of 13,5 compared to the same month of the previous year. The primary objective of countries, especially those without financial foreign exchange revenues, is to acquire foreign exchange. However, Turkey's foreign trade is the systematic foreign exchange outflow. "

Dr. Önal, two basic sources of this situation; Turkey's dependence on foreign energy from them to the first, he said that there are structural defects in the manufacturing sector, whereas the latter. Turkey's fossil In the 2013 of share in the total imports of fuel imports 22% in the first eight months of 2014 years stressed that 23,3% Onal environmental impact of Turkey's energy production that passed easily lives of very serious project, but he underlined that taking steps to reduce energy consumption. As for the structural problems in the manufacturing sector, "the cause is more than the exports of Turkey's imports continuously in export-oriented sectors is the high proportion of imported inputs. For example, Turkey's 2013 years and 2014 years are the largest export item of motor vehicles in the first eight months of this but the pressing of these vehicles almost in Turkey only bodywork, while the engine is only known that the assembly "Speaking as Foreground continued," Turkey's problems are always luxurious connects to consumption; What are the community by imports of some 'luxury' to be able to access to goods, defined as earnings seem to be only gained from Turkey's foreign trade, "he said.




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