Metro accident injured passengers spoke

Passenger injured in the Metro accident spoke: Istanbul metro accident yesterday, injured in the hip as a result of stabbing Fatih Çoban, said he would complain.

Fatih Çoban, who was injured in a subway accident in Seyrantepe, made statements in his bed. Çoban, who was treated at the Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital Orthopedic Service, explained the incident.

She said that she would complain yesterday, unlike her father, who made a statement yesterday and said, "This is the text of God."


She said, “I got on the subway at 08.45 in the morning. After the metro moved 100-200 meters, the sounds of 'Takur tukur' started to come. At that moment, the power of the subway was cut. I saw an iron profile in glass coming in. An iron profile came in behind me while I was trying to kidnap myself. When I walked in and out of my back, I fell to the ground.


I slept there on the ground in blood. At that moment, sirens were playing inside. The machinist immediately ran and came to me. I had a woman and a child in front of me. The woman was screaming. There were an average of 40-50 people in the subway. But they were in another wagon. I also heard the screams coming from that wagon. I learned that there was a renovation inside the subway and that we were staying in a very bad place. I wait about 20-25 minutes for the fire and ambulance to arrive. He said, “Please help me. I can not stand, ”I began to shout. Meanwhile, the machinist friend made the announcement on the radio. He called all of the other units. He said that the health teams are trying to get in now. ”


She said, “Profiles were standing in the tunnel. One of the anchors entered through the glass as the anchors on that pier fell on the rail line and the metron crushed it - because it was on the edge of the subway and crashed. The wagon is not derailed. It started to shake. We hit right and left. I heard such things. I heard the windows burst. I threw myself on the ground. I saw two iron bars. Someone
came from hand. Someone has already pierced my seat. If I sat there, chances are I was dead. Because he came to my seat. I ran away when I saw him. ”


She said, “After that, believe me I will not get on the metro again. Because I live this fear. I deplore. Because if tomorrow one day this event happened at the hour when the metro was crowded. A few casual people would die. I use this metro every day. Since I work in Gayrettepe, the metro is of course more advantageous. I have to use the metro because I have a lot of traffic in my commute. I will be complaining because I am a victim. Of course it will be examined. Who is defective and who is wrong considering them. Of course I will complain. Hani writes in some newspapers, saying "he is not complaining". No such thing. Because I am a commute to work. I'm a victim, ”he said.


The young man's father, Seref Coban, spoke to reporters yesterday in front of the hospital. Father Şeref Çoban said, “There is a public service here. They opened it so that the nation is not a victim. They opened it before the road was finished. They open the construction before it is finished. This is the writing of God. Whatever is written, comes back. The blood to flow does not stop in the vein. If there is neglect, everyone will be punished. ”


Stating that he is interested in the son of the Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Çoban said, “Our Metropolitan Mayor was interested in the phone. Even doctors and professors are in surgery. The municipality was interested. ” The journalists who used their statements said, "Will you sue?" to the question, "We do not have such a thought right now." He answered in the form.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:52

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