Pendik'lilere Müjde Hilmi Sonay opens the holiday underpass

Pendik'liler to the gospel Hilmi Sonay Altgeçidi opens in the holiday: High Speed ​​Train Line due to the work for a long time Hacıoğulları Hilmi Sonay Underpass opens at the holiday.

Previously the single-vehicle pass-through will serve the drivers as a double-vehicle crossover.
Pendik, Hacıoğulları Hilmi Sonay underpasses the Lower Passage. Within the scope of High Speed ​​Train works, the underpass is being opened to traffic again. Previously, the single-vehicle gateway will be re-served by the Pendik Municipality's Science Works Teams in a double-vehicle transition. Erol Kaya Caddesi and Aydınlıyolu Street link will connect the subway to raise the festival teams are working intensively. Asphalt works under the underpass have been completed. The finishing touches are made at the point connected to Aydınlı Road. On the side of Ankara Caddesi, road jeans are continuing. The road which will be stabilized will be paved to the road after the feast. Thus, the subway that creates an alternative connection point to Kaynarca Mahallesi from Pendik will provide great convenience to drivers.



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